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Movin on:

I’m bailing on my modern pad after six years of restoration so if anyone out there is looking for a wilderness lair near Seattle from which to conduct their nefarious right (or left) wing activities, you could do worse.

Architecturally Important Waterfront Home for Sale


Designed in 1966 by NBBJ managing principal and former President of the Seattle and Washington chapters of the AIA William Bain Jr., this simple yet very sophisticated two bedroom two bath 2,200 sq. ft. home was built as a vacation getaway and art gallery for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center founding physician Dr. Carl Heller and his wife Meta. Mr. Bain’s architectural projects include the Pacific Science center for the Century 21 Exhibition at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, The Rainier Tower Building on 5th Avenue, Seattle’s IBM Plaza, and many others locally and world wide.

Sited on four acres with 230’ of easily accessed westerly facing Hood Canal waterfront, this striking example of mid-century design has been carefully restored over the previous six years to the original architects specifications by the current owners with the only exception being an update to Viking stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a slightly enlarged and opened master suite.

The white terrazzo floors throughout the home lead you to the great room with twelve foot floor to ceiling windows taking full advantage of the unmatched Olympic Mountain and Canal views. Front and center in this room is a spectacular period Corten steel firehood and pit by noted Portland steel sculptor Lee Kelly. Mr. Kelly’s work can be seen on numerous college campuses and public spaces throughout the northwest. His most famous installation would probably be the entry arches at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.

With two acres fenced for horses, beautiful sandy beach, four fire pits scattered about the property, extensive landscaping and exotic plantings around the home, four separate one acre tax parcels, and world class architecture, this presents a rare opportunity for the modern design aficionado.

2 bed,2 bath

2,290 sq ft

4.2 acres

230′  hood canal waterfront





Letting down a friend:

boat on rocks

In a moment of thoughtlessness an action is taken, or not taken, and what was smooth sailing, a trip founded on respect and common ground is suddenly thrown on the shoals. In the foolish desire to be right this blogs pilot, instead of correcting course when faced with such a scenario, chose to drive the ship further onto the rocks. 

I screwed a friend the other day over something both said and not said and the water is rising fast. I will drop the sails and hope to be thrown a line. In the intent to be open minded and fair, my lack of spine caused me to lose track for a moment that which is true. It is my nature to watch and listen for a while before judging a persons intent but if a man doesn’t immediately call a reef a reef when he sees it, ruin can follow and your fellow sailors will rightly interpret this as being untrustworthy at best and will act accordingly. Trust must always be earned, sometimes at the expense of one over another. I have been given a well deserved reminder.

Thanks Daphne.

Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb…


Regardless of the obvious fun in watching MSM super genius Wolf Blitzer being carpet bombed by Andy Richter in this clip from Celebrity Jeopardy, I couldn’t believe the lameness of the question in the final round. Please. Professor CNN was gaffed and ready to be hauled onto the boat of total humiliation and he somehow throws the hook! They must have been feeling sorry for old Wolfy and slipped in a question from the grade school version of the game. Hmm…famous actor…President….I’m stumped! Watch the whole thing. Blitzer looks like roadkill in the headlights for the whole ten minutes and seems none to pleased when Trebek reminds him at the end what a dope he is. Comedy gold. 

Via Hot Air.

“Famous Potato’s”


I’m heading to Sandpoint Idaho for a few days. I don’t care much for celebrities so if I see any of their so called “Famous Potato’s” I’ll tell them to go fuck themselves. If I see any jackalopes however I’ll be sure to rope and bag a pair.

Think I’m kidding?

Bring out your dead…


Neo-neocon has a post up commenting on the alarm with which many British doctors are viewing the bureaucratic mindset when it starts to take the place of the very personal relationship between doctor and patient when said patient is nearing the end of their existence in this world. The following is an excerpt but please read the whole thing.

“Forecasting death is an inexact science,”they say. Patients are being diagnosed as being close to death “without regard to the fact that the diagnosis could be wrong.

As a result a national wave of discontent is building up, as family and friends witness the denial of fluids and food to patients.”

 In each one of the countless instances when a cold cost/benefit analysis must be made over how much care a dying patient receives, the only way these difficult decisions can be made with anything that might be called compassion is for them to be made between a patient, their family, and the doctor to whom they have entrusted their healthcare. Once this intimate and very subjective relationship is placed in the hands of government, reduced to a bureaucratic check list, it is but a very small step to lose contact with the idea that you are dealing not only with a “case” in which forms must be filled out and filed in the correct places, but with the life of an individual human being, each of whom might possess a capacity to ‘surprise” their doctors and enjoy a bit more of life than the experts thought possible.

When care would be denied in the name of compassion or in  the understandable desire of the dying to not be a burden on those left behind, some, overcoming the confusion and uncertainty in facing their own mortality may whisper before the end  “I’m not dead yet”. Will their voices, listened to and empathised with by the family doctor,  be too faint to be heard over the shuffling of the bureaucrats paperwork?