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Best closing sequence of the best movie ever.

Starring Claudia Cardinale and a bunch of other guys I’ve never heard of. Did I mention that Claudia Cardinale is in it? Because she is…in case you were wondering…and I know that you were.


How Liberals Think.

And in closing our little dust up of the previous week, I humbly submit Andrew Klavan’s classic “How Liberals Think”.

Because feeling something, and thinking something, are very different things.

Who is going to take care of us?

Architecture + Morality has a short essay up regarding the ease with which a people will incrementally surrender their freedom for the promise of security. A country, like a person, will often become lazy as they grow fat and prosperous. Turning over tasks to others that were once performed themselves,  life becomes simpler and easier with more time for leisure and luxuries until one day, having abandoned all responsibility for the day to day routines and due diligence that we as individuals once used to ensure a roof over our heads, or to keep our kids safe, or make certain that our hard earned savings were safe and secure, we discover that those whom we have entrusted with these formerly self performed tasks have packed up and made off with everything in the middle of the night without a trace. How did this happen? Why wasn’t someone watching? Who’s to blame? Certainly not us we seem to be saying in ever greater numbers.

To hold accountable those who steal from us is only right, but a certain amount of blame must lie with those who willingly turn over their wallets, or their safety, or their means of shelter, to people or institutions they know deep down don’t always have their best interests at heart. While some wish to double down on this practice of avoiding responsibility for oneself by now entrusting an all powerful federal government to take care of them, a growing movement of people are looking to again take care of themselves. To return power to a more local level where our family’s finances, or safety, or well-being are our responsibility and no one elses. To a time when bankers, and lawyers, and politicians, were not to be trusted beyond the notion that their professions were a sometimes necessary evil.

Who is going to take care of us? We can certainly do worse, and lately have done worse, than take care of ourselves.

The good old days

One of the core tenants of progressivism these days seems to be the feeling that true progress can only be made by constantly, unquestioningly moving forward. The idea that all that is good lies ahead and that looking in the rear view mirror to anything that might have seemed better or worked better in the past is only useless nostalgia. Strict discipline in the schools was more effective in maintaining a stable learning environment fifty years ago? Hard to argue with, but any attempt to re-impose that which has been proven more effective, is met with howls from some quarters of repression or authoritarianism, of harming children’s self-esteem, of looking back instead of forward, and it is all tossed out the window as something tried and failed, without regard that maybe they had some of it right in the “good old days”. 

Belmont Club has a post up this morning on how out of control this strain of progressivism has become in Great Britain and serves as a warning of what can happen when good intentions and political correctness replace common sense and the hard won experience of past generations.  Coming to a school near you? A real progress must look to the past for what works and what doesn’t as we move forward. Anything less is merely groping blindly in a dark room, hoping we remember where the stair well is.

Can I interest anyone in a change of subject?

No? I thought not.

Do try and not smile when listening to this this however.

There is a reason guys who play like this are solo acts. Try and find a base player and drummer who can keep up.

Regarding that earlier thing…

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I still reserve the right to edit or expunge if a comment surpasses the obscenity or stupidity limits, or if I don’t like your name…or your hair color…or whatever.

The Mask of Joe America

So… I just got off the phone and it turns out that that fellow Joe America, who raised such a ruckus in this space recently, was my younger brother pulling a goof on me. Well played Bro…well played. You are victorious this time but there will be other days.

Until we meet again!!