“Famous Potato’s”


I’m heading to Sandpoint Idaho for a few days. I don’t care much for celebrities so if I see any of their so called “Famous Potato’s” I’ll tell them to go fuck themselves. If I see any jackalopes however I’ll be sure to rope and bag a pair.

Think I’m kidding?


6 responses to ““Famous Potato’s”

  1. Have a good time. Jane and I leave for Copenhagen tomorrow morning. We plan to bring back CHOCOLATE from Brugge. To heck with potatos.

  2. Let’s work together on this: Slice the potatoes and cover them in chocolate, the batter and fry the suckers up. I can’t imagine that being anything other than perfect.

  3. Seriously, Andy??? Spoil perfectly good spuds by covering them in chocolate? Sacrilege!

    I lived in Idaho many moons ago, and remember those damn “Famous Potatoes” license plates. Not something to brag about in my opinion…

  4. We could appease the skeptics by wrapping the whole thing in bacon, I suppose.

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