Movin on:

I’m bailing on my modern pad after six years of restoration so if anyone out there is looking for a wilderness lair near Seattle from which to conduct their nefarious right (or left) wing activities, you could do worse.

Architecturally Important Waterfront Home for Sale


Designed in 1966 by NBBJ managing principal and former President of the Seattle and Washington chapters of the AIA William Bain Jr., this simple yet very sophisticated two bedroom two bath 2,200 sq. ft. home was built as a vacation getaway and art gallery for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center founding physician Dr. Carl Heller and his wife Meta. Mr. Bain’s architectural projects include the Pacific Science center for the Century 21 Exhibition at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, The Rainier Tower Building on 5th Avenue, Seattle’s IBM Plaza, and many others locally and world wide.

Sited on four acres with 230’ of easily accessed westerly facing Hood Canal waterfront, this striking example of mid-century design has been carefully restored over the previous six years to the original architects specifications by the current owners with the only exception being an update to Viking stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a slightly enlarged and opened master suite.

The white terrazzo floors throughout the home lead you to the great room with twelve foot floor to ceiling windows taking full advantage of the unmatched Olympic Mountain and Canal views. Front and center in this room is a spectacular period Corten steel firehood and pit by noted Portland steel sculptor Lee Kelly. Mr. Kelly’s work can be seen on numerous college campuses and public spaces throughout the northwest. His most famous installation would probably be the entry arches at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.

With two acres fenced for horses, beautiful sandy beach, four fire pits scattered about the property, extensive landscaping and exotic plantings around the home, four separate one acre tax parcels, and world class architecture, this presents a rare opportunity for the modern design aficionado.

2 bed,2 bath

2,290 sq ft

4.2 acres

230′  hood canal waterfront





25 responses to “Movin on:

  1. If I had the dough I’d offer 40%.

  2. On the other hand, I’ll just house-sit it for three years for you.

  3. You won’t have to pay me more than a grand a week for the service either.

  4. You live in my house and I pay you?…you’re sounding kind of progressive.
    What about Simon. Tell him to dump that place on Bainbridge and I’ll cut him a deal!

  5. I am sure that, with others, property purchased on Bainbridge in 2006 is now a source of infinite regret.

    As for paying me, the mere presence of meself in a place of residence for even one day ups the value of that chicken shack about 85%… plaques saying “Van der leun blogged here” are available.

  6. I may have to come over for an site inspection before agreeing however. A man has to have some standards.

  7. You are welcome anytime. As long as you provide one of those plaques free of charge that I can replace the real estate sign with.

  8. I think Gerard should buy the place. For me. If’ he’s really nice I’ll let him cook dinner too! And he’ll certainly be most welcome to hang out and guard against rampaging Democrats when I’m gone to Italy for some shopping. The only thing is, bedroom suites will have to be added. I’ll be hostessing the Angry Lady Bloggers of the Mob, and Neo, Daphne, Michelle, Pamela and the rest will need their own spaces!

  9. If Gerard were a gentleman he would do just that. He claims to be a decent cook afterall. It would make a fine spot for defending against rampaging Dem’s. I pity the Prog’s who would go up against these “Angry Lady Bloggers”.

  10. what’s the family discount?

  11. Family discount? I’ll throw in the chickens and goats for nothing.

  12. I thought the chickens and goats WERE the family.

    Gerard would just board up all those windows and use them as screens for a 24/7 Polanski film festival.

  13. I’m pretty sure there are a couple of pre-teen boys in the family as well although since they’ve discovered the lock on their door I don’t see much of them.
    For the right price I’ll throw them in as well.

  14. Okay, now we’ve moved into the “you pay me” world.

  15. And for listing it as “Architecturally Important ” (aka “Artisan Cheese”) you pay me double, plus premium on it being “Waterfront” (aka “In Tsunami range”)

    But I’ll discount all that with the Fellow Blogger discount and take it off your hands after you transfer $2.2 million into my Aruba accounts.

  16. Yeah, that “Architecturally Important” bit felt a bit like a hacked-up hairball to me, too.

  17. Hey, don’t rain on my “Architecturally Important” parade just because the two of you live in tenement shacks. I’ve seen those house boats Van der luen and they are neither house nor boat. The community looks like a hybrid of Venice and White Center.
    Aruba account?…please provide your routing and account numbers…

  18. Well, if this is a bidding war to see who will take that sad little shanty off your hands cheapest, I’ll accept a mere million for you to have the honor of me and my twelve zillion – and counting – descendants move in.

    Don’t ever say there’s no reward for being a conservative blogger. No thanks needed, and I’ll make the boys eat vegetables and do their homework just like all their new brothers did 🙂

  19. I’m getting no support at all from the Right-o-sphere. I have a good mind to go all LGF on y’all.
    “American Digest is being ghost written by a group of deranged militiamen from deep in the Okefenokee and in fact there is no Van der luen. You heard it here first. Go ahead and prove it’s not true “Gerard”. Your anticipated protestations to the contrary will only prove my point so go ahead and protest…go ahead. Heh, I knew I was right.

  20. Exposed!!!

  21. Arthur! My favorite Bolshevik!
    Thanks for the link. Mr. Bain sounds like quite a guy and had a major hand in forming the Seattle that we see each day.

  22. Bain is a very nice guy. Used to see him quite a lot around the neighborhood until NBBJ moved off to South Lake Union. I like some of the firms buildings quite a lot. 2 Union Square is excellent for a high-rise and the Federal Court Building is nice as well.

  23. A family member worked at NBBJ and was involved in the design/build of 2 Union Square. He always said it was one of his “bestest projects evah.”

    West, it’s a little disconcerting, I think, to find that the streets of our town are walked daily by the reds. You’d think after a lifetime with moss on my back, I’d remember that the Left owns my city … Just an example of how easy it is to think what is pretty, not what is true.

  24. Get used to it Mom.

    Them ‘reds’ is everywhere. All the time. Forever. Never to depart.


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