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To live and let live:


I read Velociman regularly and while he can be brutally blunt and plain spoken, turns out he’s really just a big softy.

Well spoken words VM.


What was I thinking?!

What with all of the holiday hubub, I have just realized that while all my blogging pals have posted heart felt Christmas sentiments on their sites this past week, I have left up a video of Jack Bauer threatening Santa with a knife. Nice.

I hope that in some way this makes up for my thoughtlessness.

Naughty or Nice?

H/T to instapundit.

A light at the end of the tunnel?

Not according to this guy. It is instead a big, fast moving train coming directly toward us.

The other day neo-neocon posted some thoughts on how tyranny could happen in this country under the Obama administration. The post featured some well reasoned observations by a commenter at belmont club that while seemingly fantastic and honestly a bit paranoid sounding at first glance, we would do well to at least consider given the tendencies of human beings to ruthlessly attempt the acquisition of power over others throughout our long and bloody history.

Great change in democracies can only come about in the presence of great crisis. History has shown this. To those who have studied the background and ideological influences of our 44th President, it is no secret that Obama and many in his administration share a belief in this observation and have plainly stated that a crisis should never go to waste. While the economic downturn of the previous year has been spun by many politicians and pundits as the “worst economy since the great depression”, a quick look around will tell you that although things are a little tougher now than they have been for  quite a while, anyone who is old enough or has spoken to anyone old enough to have actually gone through the great depression would scoff at the idea that we are currently going through anything remotely similar to what befell this nation in the 1930’s.

Consider the prognostications behind the link at the top of this post and then think about what could happen if this country suffers a full on economic meltdown. Obama would have his crisis. Then consider the what if’s of belmont clubs commenter. Hope…Change.

Change in and of itself is a meaningless term. Only when that change starts to reveal itself as reality do we know whether it will be an opening that will provide an escape from the tunnel we find ourselves trapped in, or if it is instead a speeding locomotive bearing down on us with know where to run. If it is indeed a locomotive, what would you offer the engineer to stop the train and save you, your friends, your family.

Almost anything I would think.

Soupy Sales in a lab coat.

My views on the ability of the average adult citizen to employ critical thinking skills have been sorely tested this morning.

As is my usual practice in the early hours of the day, I am at my desk with coffee and a smoke perusing online news sources with the tube on in the background tuned to one of the cable news channels. On this particular Saturday Fox News happens to be up and they are doing a small segment on global warming and the recently concluded fiasco in Copenhagen. Out of one ear I hear that as their “special guest expert” on such matters, the segment will feature “Bill Nye The Science Guy”.

If you are not familiar with BNTSG, he got his start here in the Seattle area explaining elementary science principles to children, first in a traveling road show to local schools and then later as a regional TV personality. The children apparently knew a condescending buffoon when they saw one as his clownish schtick of bow tied geekiness and exaggerated wide eyed fascination with the most simple science was met by any kid over the age of six with rolled eyes and muttered under the breath exclamations of “Seriously…what a dork”.  Not one to let this rebuke stand in the way of his ambition of being to the scientist what Al Jolson was to African Americans, he started appearing more and more before adult audiences, who strangely lapped up his caricature of the scientist as a semi-retarded fool regurgitating conventional wisdom, culminating before me now in the surreal spectacle of his being brought forth as an “expert” on a news segment regarding AGW. Apparently to our media elite, science is so incomprehensible to us rubes that it must be presented to us by the equivalent of Soupy Sales in a lab coat rather than say a Richard Lindzen or Anthony Watts, or any number of scientists who could actually enlighten us on the subject. Sadly, upon watching the antics of the warmalists and the “science” with which they base their clearly religious beliefs, I fear that these elites may be correct in their assumptions.

What a strange world we live in where children can effortlessly spot a fool warning us of the imminent dangers of Manbearpig and casually dismiss them, only to have the adults enthusiastically embrace these charlatans as the speakers of truth.

Here’s a crazy idea. Instead of “Science Guys”, perhaps actual scientists would be more helpful to us in expanding our knowledge of science.

Death of 1,000 cuts

Logically, reasonably, politely… ruthlessly

By the end of this short exchange with Christopher Monkton, it is quite obvious to any objective observer that the poor woman from Norway has been cast completely adrift of her faith based moorings. Like the rest of the Ahab’s in the AGW movement, she is unlikely to abandon her obsession no matter how convincing is the science against because it goes much much deeper than that for her.

“I’ll follow him around the Horn, and around the Norway maelstrom, and around perditions flame before I give him up.”

“From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale.”

Video via instapundit.

In Honor Of…

In honor of “The Once” traveling to Norway to collect his Nobel Peace Prize and piss off the square heads, Iowahawk’s great unfinished cenematic  masterpiece, Ingmar Bergman’s “Hazardous Dukes”.

Yeah, I know Bergman is Swedish….what’s the difference.

Hat tip to Gerard.