Bring out your dead…


Neo-neocon has a post up commenting on the alarm with which many British doctors are viewing the bureaucratic mindset when it starts to take the place of the very personal relationship between doctor and patient when said patient is nearing the end of their existence in this world. The following is an excerpt but please read the whole thing.

“Forecasting death is an inexact science,”they say. Patients are being diagnosed as being close to death “without regard to the fact that the diagnosis could be wrong.

As a result a national wave of discontent is building up, as family and friends witness the denial of fluids and food to patients.”

 In each one of the countless instances when a cold cost/benefit analysis must be made over how much care a dying patient receives, the only way these difficult decisions can be made with anything that might be called compassion is for them to be made between a patient, their family, and the doctor to whom they have entrusted their healthcare. Once this intimate and very subjective relationship is placed in the hands of government, reduced to a bureaucratic check list, it is but a very small step to lose contact with the idea that you are dealing not only with a “case” in which forms must be filled out and filed in the correct places, but with the life of an individual human being, each of whom might possess a capacity to ‘surprise” their doctors and enjoy a bit more of life than the experts thought possible.

When care would be denied in the name of compassion or in  the understandable desire of the dying to not be a burden on those left behind, some, overcoming the confusion and uncertainty in facing their own mortality may whisper before the end  “I’m not dead yet”. Will their voices, listened to and empathised with by the family doctor,  be too faint to be heard over the shuffling of the bureaucrats paperwork?


15 responses to “Bring out your dead…

  1. Totally off-topic to this post: Thought your comment over at Jaded was right on, wise and obviously comes from experience. Also the comment by miscreant was equally salient….While this woman writes very well, she describes truth of the lower reptilian brain in the rawest terms. Who can argue with animal instincts and behavior, after all? However, it has been my experience that sex like that is very cheap. It’s when we move ourselves and those we choose to be with up into our neo-cortexes that sex and sensuality becomes far more disciplined, deep, interesting, discriminating and ultimately fulfilling that interests me. You guys nailed it. I would only add that any man I can get on the cheap and dirty—and there are still a lot of em, even at my advanced age—is a man I can’t respect or enjoy for long. I’m using him and he me….whereas…when it’s becomes genuine give and take interest…well it’s an adult game and can be the best game in town…..except maybe for a good day on the rive….but that’s another story…..

    best wishes

  2. Nothing wrong with cheap sex as long as you know it for what it is. There’s no bigger turn off for me than feeling that sex is a quid pro quo thing. I find a common complaint among many women who have been in longer term relationships is that their husbands or boyfriends give them no time or intimacy, preferring over time to spend more and more time with fishing or football buddies. I suspect that much of this is due to sex being used as a tool by women to encourage compliance. Like I said, the man who respects himself will still want the sex, he just won’t stick around afterword and listen to the hectoring. I am very fortunate in this regard. I haven’t seen a football game in years.

  3. I’ve had a glance at some of the working notes produced at secret ‘health care reform’ meetings.

    Actually once ‘socialized medicine’ is fully realized the ‘inexact science’ of ‘forecasting death’ will be moot.

    We won’t even need ‘death panels’.

    “75 and out. Do it for America!” Admittedly the slogan needs polishing but you get the idea.

  4. Be snarky all you like Arthur but these are concerns raised by doctors actually working under such a system as we are proposing. You would be wise to at least take these concerns seriously even if you ultimately disagree with them.

  5. You are a fortunate man indeed. So is miscreant. I believe there is an equal and opposite force just as strong (if not more so) than the base sex drive we’ve been talking about. Men and women both are at its mercy, however, men act it out more. We women ignore it to our everlasting detriment in relationships. Yet few people really talk or write about it. As I can this weekend, I’ll try to say more.

  6. Thanks for the link to the Telegraph.

    There will always be instances where things go awry.

    In the meanwhile we should not re-jigger a system which works as poorly as ours?

    I think not. Write a living will. Prepare advanced medical directives. My Father has his instructions in place. I and my wife have ours.

    The idea that in a reformed health care system doctors in hospitals (at the urging of faceless government bureaucrats no less) will stroll the corridors pulling the plug on the elderly, the infirm the too costly is more scary making sensationalism from people who know better.

    On a side note I am occasionally sorry to have been ‘banned’ from Jaded Haven. Sounds like Daphne’s latest foray into soft porn leavened with her thoroughly charming brand of aggressive, reactionary politics was a hit.


    Those were the days.

  7. No need to be offended Daphne. I thought it odd she would come over here to comment on a post at your place but she is a visitor and I thought I would afford the courtesy of hearing her out. She threw some low blows while you were still lacing your gloves but I didn’t take it as impudence, just cowardly. Her views on sex and sexuality are not mine but are as valid as anyone’s. Maybe I’m being too charitable. Sounds like you two have a history. Sorry if you feel I didn’t back you up here but if I jumped immediately to fuck you at every new visitor who said anything I thought wrong or misguided I wouldn’t be having much of a conversation with anyone.
    Love ya.

  8. I have zero interest in commenting on Daphne’s blog, she’s a terrorist and we all know you can’t negotiate with terrorists. (or reptiles). I wasn’t talking to her anyway. I was talking to you and to miscreant because I liked your comments and found what you said to square with my own experience.

    Nuff said.

  9. Excellent Daphne.

    ‘…load of trollop’ is a new one for me. What’s it mean?

    Nice to know there are still surprises out there.

  10. Why the attitude Daphne? Like I said, I don’t know webutant from a hole in the ground so when she came to my site as a new commenter I did what most would do and heard her out. She throws a few snide comments your way and you kick my door in, call her a cunt, and accuse me of behavior below that of your banned troll Arthur because I didn’t immediately jump to your tune. As far as pulling a stand up, I honestly haven’t looked at my blog in a couple of weeks as I’ve got stuff going on. Moving, new school year, etc. so if I haven’t replied to webutants digs it is out of a lack of time. Don’t sweat it. I’m on your side.
    A cunt? Really? “Words matter” a wise woman recently wrote on one of my favorite blogs.

  11. Come on.

    I am not a troll.

    You know better than to even suggest such a thing.

    You’re lucky you weren’t banned from your own blog.

  12. Sorry Arthur.
    Jeez…I’m pissing everybody off.

  13. There. There. No problem.

    We are, I think, friendly political opponents.

    Speaking of Idaho. Ever read Denis Johnson? I’ve been ploughing through his novels this year enjoying them immensely. The book jackets describe him, somewhat vaguely, as living in ‘northern Idaho’. Just finished ‘Already Dead’. The novel takes place in Northern California during 1990 and it’s cast of characters includes various lowlifes, ne’er do wells and sociopaths plotting against one another. Darkly funny with incredible dialogue. ‘Jesus’ Son’, a collection of short stories is a great place to start.

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