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Flying Bird

From last year:

One of my earliest memories as a boy growing up on the shores of Puget Sound was a ride on the Kalakala or “Flying Bird” in the language of the native Chinook. Given the less elegant nick-name of Silver Slug by the skeptical locals, she must have been quite a site on the cold waters of the Sound when Seattle was still near to her birth as a frontier logging town. By the time I set foot on her decks she was far removed from her glory days and would soon suffer the undignified fate of being beached near Kodiak, Alaska and utilized as a salmon cannery for the remainder of her years, but she was the first boat I had ever been on that rightly could be called a ship and I was awestruck by her streamlined Art Deco lines. The hull had a reputation as being cursed since becoming stuck on the ways at launch and she didn’t disappoint over the decades, being involved in a number of mishaps and collisions, usually at the expense of other craft and docks due to her Merrimack like hull design.

Rescued from her Alaskan tomb a few years ago and towed back to Seattle with much civic fanfare, there was talk of restoration and renewal but it seems the curse holds. Lack of money and interest eventually doomed the Flying Bird to a backwater berth in an industrial district, crumbling a little further with each passing winter and now without even the modest blue collar work she ably performed in her later years to sustain a sense of pride in what she once was, she fades away, mostly forgotten.

I remember.


Sold! To the highest bidder.


By all indications it looks like the Republican party will make significant gains in the House and Senate this November, potentially regaining the majority of one or both. Given the performance of the Dems over the last four years this will be a welcome development, but the thought lingers regarding just how much things will really change should this come to pass.

Politics in a democracy has always been a transaction between buyers and sellers, but not in a retail sense. It is more like an auction. With influence and access for sale, those who slap the most cash on the block will naturally come out on top and there is nothing shocking about this in and of itself. Problems arise however when what is supposed to be an open auction, with all equally able to bid, becomes a rigged operation in which the auctioneer conspires to allow a small elite of regular bidders to exclude the majority of buyers through rules decided in private among themselves. Rules undisclosed to the average Joe who naively thinks he can just show up and purchase something of value. He may walk away with a trinket or two, but the good stuff was bought and sold long before he ever entered the room.

For most of my adult life, the average Joe’s have been content to leave the auction house with these trinkets. A good job with a decent retirement. A modest home where he could raise a family. To live a life as he chooses, pursuing happiness as he defines it, knowing that this elite had exclusive access to the good stuff but also knowing that he might join this elite if he chose to, simply by making a few trade offs. This all worked pretty well until these elite bidders in cooperation with the auctioneer decided that having exclusive access to the good stuff wasn’t enough. They wanted Joe’s trinkets as well. Thus the internet bubble, the housing bubble, the stock market crash, financial meltdown, and the largest transfer of wealth in history from these average Joes into the pockets of those who have rigged the auction in their favor.  Our entrenched political classes will say that what we need are more auctioneer’s to ensure that the auction is conducted fairly.  Some others are saying that perhaps the auctioneer is not necessary at all. What does he do really… other than drive the price up on things by playing one bidder against another.

Whether Democrat, Republican, or somewhere in between, do your homework Joe. If you want your trinkets back, choose wisely this November and beyond.

Action and Reaction

I listened to a bit of the news conference given by the woman recently released from Iran after being jailed on spying charges. While she seemed a nice young woman who after going through a harrowing ordeal was obviously choosing her words carefully in the interests of  not causing additional trouble for her two companions who remain behind, I noticed a couple of things about her and the situation she found herself in that elicited from me a frustrated sigh.

She is a recent graduate from The University of California at Berkley so must possess above average quantities of what passes for intelligence these days. The reason I say “what passes for intelligence” is due to her next statement. She said, seemingly sincerely, that she had no idea why what happened, happened.

In similar news, I placed my thumb next to a nail being pounded with a hammer. My thumbnail is now missing and the digit in question is very sore. I have no idea why what happened, happened. I found a leftover bottle rocket from the fourth and lacking a bottle to launch it from,  substituted my wife’s purse which was sitting on a nearby table. Her very expensive purse now smells like sulphur and has a large hole burned in the lining. I also have a black eye. I don’t understand why this happened. I went hiking near the border region of a fundamentalist Muslim nation hostile to my own with a history of kidnapping innocent westerners and ransoming them. I was thrown into jail as a spy when I may or may not have accidentally crossed the border and was later released for 500 large. I’m just at a loss…really.

I don’t know what they are teaching at Berkley but critical thinking must not be on the syllabus.

Gangsta Government:

Obviously just another tea bagging racist right wing hater. Must be a bitch belonging to the political class these days.


Won’t recognize America when we get through.

Don’t need a Constitution or the rule of law,

we abuse our power using shock and awe.


We’re the Gangsta Government! – We wear the crown,

we call the shots and shake the people down.

We’re the Gangsta Government! – Stay out of our way,

Sit-down, shut-up, cuz you have no say.

Never let a crisis go to waste,

so we passed the stimulus bill – post haste.

Thousand page bills, see that’s the new norm,

nobody reads ‘em no more so we’ll get our reform.

We love to spend trillions that we don’t got,

paid back by our children while we all rot.

Just crank up the presses at the Fed Reserve,

gotta get our hands on that bread we so deserve.

To pay off our special interest friends,

to get reelected we’ll spend and spend (“I’ll buy that for a dollar”).

Teachers’ unions, pro-aborts and greens,

Greasing-up the wheels of the political machine.


Private sector takeover nearly complete,

got health and auto industries under our feet.

Student loans and homes you know we can’t be beat,

and we’re just getting started, we take it to the streets.

Grant illegals amnesty, read terrorists their rights,

abolish secret ballots, change marriage overnight.

We’ll expand social programs to buy more votes,

bail-out union pension plans, keep ‘em afloat.

We’ll name new czars to champion our cause,

unaccountable to Congress and above the law.

We play the race card to squash debate,

accuse our opponents of bigotry and hate.



Gangsta, gangsta that’s what they yell’n,

This is the reality, we’ll rob you for your salary.

Gangsta, gangsta that’s what they yell’n,

This is the reality, we’ll rob you for your salary.

We’ll use global warming to gain control,

we’ll tax the air you breath and shutdown all the coal.

Offshore drilling, gotta love that ban,

eight bucks a gallon should cut demand.

Putin’ up some windmills and solar panels,

for a permit you’ll have to go through our channels.

Regulate your light bulbs, your car and your pad,

listen up kids, government’s your new dad!

The rules will only apply to you lil peasants,

but for the elite, life’ll be more pleasant.

We’re keeping our gulf streams and SUVs,

we’ve got more important meetings and people to see.


Once midterms are over, shit will hit the fan,

lame duck Congress passing all our plans.

The people may object but we don’t care,

we’re large and in charge, gonna grab our share.

Tea party movement is beginning to spread,

gotta call the union thugs to bust some heads.

Sick big sis on those tea party types,

label them as radicals and take away their rights.

We gotta move now – twenty-twelve ain’t far away,

DC is cozy and you know we want to stay.

We’ll legalize illegals to get us the win,

keep voter fraud alive and we’re in like Flynn.


The Inquisitors

Deaths attributed to Bearded Marxists: 60,000,000

Deaths attributed to College Wiccans: 0

So. One candidate in their youth confessed to “dabbling” in witchcraft, which probably consisted of attending a frat kegger in which the host attempted to get into the panties of the future Senate candidate by concocting a tale of varsity vampires or some such. Two facts will remain unassailable in this post. College girls love vampires and college guys will lie to get laid. She apparently rejected his recruitment/seduction efforts and settled into life as a somewhat run of the mill if outspoken Christian Conservative, counseling youth to avoid what she described as the “promiscuous” lifestyle that she herself had partaken of during her early college years. Yawn…

 The other candidate at 21 wrote an article for his college newspaper entitled, “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist.” in which he documents his “transformation from a sheltered, conservative minded student into a cynical young adult who was distrustful of American power and willing to question the American notion of free enterprise.” Yawn? Not so fast.

 While most of us have experienced our youthful  indiscretions and in most instances modified our views to comport more closely with reality as we gain experience in the world, by all appearances Mr. Coons seems to still harbor most of the Marxist illusions that only a college sophomore or member of our political class can possess, and therein lies the rub. When I think of college Wiccans I mostly think of something like this. When thinking of bearded Marxists however, I think of this. According to our vaunted press corps and the political class whom they serve to protect, I am to regard someone who states that in their twenties they went to a party where witchcraft was discussed as a threat to the very fabric of our society, and to ignore someone who has or continues to espouse the philosophy of Marxism  as not worthy of mentioning. Of course Coons is no Marxist in the sense of those who committed the atrocities linked above, just as O’Donnell I’m sure is not secretly sacrificing goats after counseling them on the evils of masturbating in the name of Gaia….but I digress.

Our media is attempting to, and often succeeding in determining for us that which is to be viewed as acceptable and that which is to be feared and banished. They have become modern day inquisitors. In a sane world, a paper published in youth under the title “The Making of a Bearded Marxist” would carry the same future burden as one entitled “The Making of a National Socialist.” The author may have long ago renounced those views but he or she should certainly be under greater scrutiny than had they not legitimized a philosophy accountable for deaths in the millions. This scrutiny is being applied of course , but only to one side of the coin. We need not guess what the press reaction would be if Christine O’Donnell had penned an article in her college newspaper regarding her conversion to Nazism and her Democratic opponent was the one possessing a plain if sometimes odd personal story. When presented with a tale of two candidates, our inquisitors will determine innocence and guilt by rules known only to themselves. Punishment is then just a matter of inciting the mob to pass sentence. 

The other

Great Moments in Branding

Hmm… I knew I’d seen the Dems new logo somewhere before.

From Maggies Farm via Tigerhawk.

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 Republican Primary Losers “How many GOP primary voters does it take to change a light bulb?”

 RNC: “Whoa! Slow down! Who said anything about change! Just because nothing happens when you flip the switch doesn’t mean we should go off all half cocked and change anything. Let’s be reasonable here. You guys just keep working to keep the voters hands off that switch and if it turns out that a bad bulb is indeed the culprit, we’ll be happy to pick out a new one for them.”