Letting down a friend:

boat on rocks

In a moment of thoughtlessness an action is taken, or not taken, and what was smooth sailing, a trip founded on respect and common ground is suddenly thrown on the shoals. In the foolish desire to be right this blogs pilot, instead of correcting course when faced with such a scenario, chose to drive the ship further onto the rocks. 

I screwed a friend the other day over something both said and not said and the water is rising fast. I will drop the sails and hope to be thrown a line. In the intent to be open minded and fair, my lack of spine caused me to lose track for a moment that which is true. It is my nature to watch and listen for a while before judging a persons intent but if a man doesn’t immediately call a reef a reef when he sees it, ruin can follow and your fellow sailors will rightly interpret this as being untrustworthy at best and will act accordingly. Trust must always be earned, sometimes at the expense of one over another. I have been given a well deserved reminder.

Thanks Daphne.


2 responses to “Letting down a friend:

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  2. I forgive you Daphne.

    Stuff happens.

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