Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb…


Regardless of the obvious fun in watching MSM super genius Wolf Blitzer being carpet bombed by Andy Richter in this clip from Celebrity Jeopardy, I couldn’t believe the lameness of the question in the final round. Please. Professor CNN was gaffed and ready to be hauled onto the boat of total humiliation and he somehow throws the hook! They must have been feeling sorry for old Wolfy and slipped in a question from the grade school version of the game. Hmm…famous actor…President….I’m stumped! Watch the whole thing. Blitzer looks like roadkill in the headlights for the whole ten minutes and seems none to pleased when Trebek reminds him at the end what a dope he is. Comedy gold. 

Via Hot Air.


6 responses to “Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb…

  1. We’re gonna have to get on your ass over that blackface shot, you know.

  2. You’re going to do what to his ass?

  3. You calling me a racist Vanderleun?
    Andy is most obviously a homophobe however. Most obviously. And maybe a Nazi. That kind of extreme extremism can lead to who knows what kind of violence. Reminds me of what happened to Harvey…

  4. A racist Nazi homophobe – damn you, Mark, you’ve given away my Halloween costume!

  5. A racist Nazi homophobe. Not bad Andy. Be careful in Seattle. Due to the Left’s decades long rhetorical excesses against racist Nazi homophobes, you could be the victim of a hate crime.
    I’ll be dressing myself up in self righteous sanctimony and unparalleled hypocracy and going as the Democratic Party.

  6. Just to be fair I may change my mind at the last minute and cover myself in blinding stupidity and milk toast conservatism of the lowest common denominator so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of moderates and independents and go as a Republican.

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