Is there any reason to wonder why Richard Burton married Liz Taylor… twice?

liz taylor

There’s some old Life Magazine photo’s on googles main page. The pictures of the two of them in Mexico while filming “Day of the Iguana” are my idea of what two people in love should look like. They appear to have been doing nothing but drinking and fornicating for a month.


23 responses to “MOST. BEAUTIFUL. WOMAN. EVER.

  1. If we stay in the vintage woman category, there are 3 better:

    Lauren Bacall
    Grace Kelly
    Mom – though in an admittedly different sort of way. Still #1.

    And photos isn’t possessive.

  2. She was indeed gorgeous. And I like Bacall and Kelly as well.

  3. Bacall? Kelly? Mere pikers.
    Bless you for adding your mother Andy. You’re a good boy.
    I’m biased as my wife looks just like Liz (I’m not kidding) and is twice as crazy.
    I bet you would Daphne. I’m reminded of the old Richard Pryor joke; “She’s so fine, I’d suck her daddy’s dick”.

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  5. Well, she might not look “exactly” like Liz, but close enough.
    I’ll bet you’re right up there.
    That video from Gordon floored me.

  6. I am a brunette guy, those two ladies are just something special, that’s all. Three hottest women alive are all Brunettes:

    1. My Wife
    2. Jennifer Connelly (Before she went all anorexic and sickly she was stunning)
    3. Kate Beckinsale

  7. wow Andy, I impressed. You kissed up to your and mom and your wife in the same blog post. Always know I could learn something from the younger generation.

    Oh and my fav has and always will be Audrey Hepburn.

  8. wish I could type this early in the morning….

  9. Good morning, Don. WAKE UP!!!

    The cynic would say that I must have pissed them both off recently. Glad there’s no cynics here, right Mark?

    Off to the golf course. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  10. I certainly won’t deny Ms. Taylor’s beauty, but I must confess to being a Rita Hayworth man.

  11. Burton married her twice because she is absolutely gorgeous and the two of them are likely the most photogenic pair of drunks in the history of motion pictures.

    F**k buddies and drinking pals.

    A solid foundation for any number of divorces.

  12. Cynic Andy?

    “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”

    George Bernard Shaw

    “Fuck buddies and drinking pals”…could be worse.

    Sorry cuz, never thought of Hepburn as a great beauty although she had style and personality in spades.

  13. Andy must know I read your blog occasionally. Made my day.

  14. Mine is to serve.

  15. Five grand for good ones. Each.

  16. D’s if you please are proper sized tits, C’s are a tease if you have big mitts. A’s and B’s are so fine it’s true, F’s and E’s belong on bovines that moo.

  17. For sure, your ladies are marvelous however these are bout it bout it. Just see Stepanie Ravelo

  18. I hope you have a girlfriend or wife and make it real.

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