Animal husbandry goes postmodern

“Of course I can use a typewriter. Now get me another banana before I report your anti-speciesist bigotry to the university administration.”

Critical Animal Studies

“advances a holistic understanding of the commonality of oppressions, such that speciesism, sexism, racism, ablism, statism, classism, militarism and other hierarchical ideologies and institutions are viewed as parts of a larger, interlocking, global system of domination.”

If while writing Animal Farm, Orwell had been able to take a peek into early twenty-first century academia, he probably would have bagged the whole thing and just gone out for a nice steak dinner instead.

H/T Maggie’s Farm


3 responses to “Animal husbandry goes postmodern

  1. How do I get a job writing things like that? Pure stuff and nonsense but it sounds so erudite it will fool the kiddies into taking the course. Maybe I could work on commission…

  2. Better have your PhD in hand. It takes an expensive education to write and be paid for BS of this caliber.

  3. gradgirlwannabe

    Oh, the irony! This is exactly the type of simulation that perpetuates species-based marginalization! By dressing the chimp as a human and giving it a human job, they’ve maintained the hegemonically-centered binary opposition which prevents animals from holding the locus of definition, thus subjecting the chimp to disempowerment by setting it (and its value) in opposition to humans.

    Pretty sure I should be homeworking right now, instead of deconstructing funnies…

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