A Public Service Message

To the reality based community:

Video stolen from blogger friend Morgan in the hope that some of my more leftward leaning readers might view it, and then begin employing some of the hibernating reason and logic that they so strangely claim a monopoly on.

Warning: Reason and logic should be taken in moderation in the early stages of enlightenment, hence the resorting to mild satire in this instance. Once the proper framework for opening the mind to differing ideas has been established, a bit of Friedrich Hayek, Milton Freidman, or even Thomas Sowell may be introduced under carefully, and strictly controlled circumstances.


2 responses to “A Public Service Message

  1. There’s a large segment of people who would watch this and agree with them.

  2. That’s a frightening thing to think about Jewel, but you are probably right. Twenty percent of the electorate will take the video as a call to arms.

    Metaphorically speaking of course, as that twenty percent have convinced themselves against all historical evidence that high caliber firearms and low caliber rhetoric possess equal levels of persuasive power. But that’s a subject for another day.

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