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6 responses to “Hmmm…..

  1. Yep, it’ll become shtick and it probably already has. I hope he doesn’t become a caricature wrapped in a stereotype inside a buffoon.

  2. I think it may work in his favor. People love Kramden and Flintstone.
    It would seem to trump Obama’s resemblance to a cross between Urkel and Jimmy “JJ” Walker.

  3. Just put down the vodka bottle and step away from the keyboard. Thank you.

  4. To paraphrase Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, “Only steers and queers drink vodka, and you don’t look much like a steer so that kinda’ narrows it down!”

  5. JJ Walker and Urkel have more integrity than Obama. I don’t drink vodka, but I resemble a queer steer, perhaps….depends on what you’re drinking.

  6. Christie is the iconic fat man, for sure Cue the lightning strike.

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