What a difference a day makes

I Just finished watching Anthony Weiner finally come clean on what every person of the male persuasion (with the predictable exceptions of Andy Sullivan and Charles Johnson) suspected from day one.  The Congressman is proud of his unit and is very much interested in sharing this pride with younger women. Why this was not immediately apparent to everyone, even Andy and Charles, is a mystery. Additionally, there is no surprise that he held out on telling the truth until inescapably cornered, and then sobbed shamefully for forgiveness when finally caught. This is a time honored tradition among men whenever the little head attempts to perform the functions of reason and logic better suited to the bigger one. In the end, Weiner is guilty only of what anyone who has witnessed him debate an issue on the house floor, or has been on the receiving end of a cheating male spouse’s regretful Mea Culpa knew all along. We men, all of us, are douchebags. Lucky for us there’s no law against that. Yet.

I find it odd that since right around the year 1919, there have been incrementally increased electoral rewards for shrewd, attractive, lying, conniving male charismatics. I think I have found an explanation.

Men…memorize the above videos and use, in the correct context, when necessary.


3 responses to “What a difference a day makes

  1. I suppose the reason that video shows a rabbi doing the circumcision is because only the religion of Judaism requires circumcision of baby boys. I produced 3 baby boys and was given a choice every time as I am not of the Jewish faith. I could hardly bear the thought of torturing my darling babies but was advised by the doctor that it was a good thing. I still wonder “why?”

  2. You forget that circumcision is also a religious duty of Islam. As the there are a great many more Muslims in the world than Jews, why didn’t the cartoonist portray an Imam in such inflamatory fashion. The obvious answer is that “The Religion of Peace” would have immediately issued a fatwa and he would have gotten his head chopped off for his trouble. Look at the imagery Ma. It is chillingly reminiscent of the images used by the Nazi’s prior to implementation of their final solution and is clearly anti-semitic in nature.

    You said it yourself. You were given a choice. If you support a mothers right to abort her pregnancy if she so chooses, so should you support a parents right of choice regarding circumcision, no? It’s none of the city of San Fransisco’s business.

  3. You’re right. A city shouldn’t be allowed to legislate religious choices. I didn’t know that Muslims required circumcision. .

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