I am used to seeing the progressive/leftist mask slip on any number of issues displaying the twisted hatred beneath, but I just can’t wrap my head around this one. Go ahead and follow the link. I keep trying to find signs that it is some kind of insane joke but it is apparently legit.

Anyone with their finger prints on this little project should for a start be held down and forcibly circumcised with a salad fork sharpened with a rusty file by a very drunk near-sighted Rabbi. And then we should get tough with them. Hell, I’ll convert just to perform the deed.

H/T to Jeff G at Protein Wisdom.


One response to “I’m…..speechless.

  1. Simply amazing. They either have no clue at all what anti-Semitic means or they think everyone else is just that stupid.

    Got to be a parody or a joke or something. Doesn’t it??

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