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Update: Alright, just this one comment. The fictional Mr. Thurm comes across as quite a bit more personable and rather more open and transparent than Representative Weiner. Christ on a bike, how is it that psychopathic putz’s like this are entrusted with such responsibility by their constituents. The film Idiocracy seems more and more like a documentary with each passing day.


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  1. I don’t much care either Daph, but watching them try and spin their way out is comedy gold.

  2. What the heck is a SNAP card?

    Used to collect unemployment back in the day when I would get laid off of my union job when seniority was low. I lived in fear that my grandfather would somehow find out that number one I was in a union, and number two I was on “the dole”. He would have kicked my ass. They were both shameful in his world.

  3. I want to be outraged by this, but the moment is gone. Besides, isn’t Weiner the one who is always outraged on telly?

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