God Damn It!! Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

Since our move from the city eight years ago, I have grown accustomed to the less desperate rhythms of life away from the urban core. The almost manic desire to constantly do something, when doing nothing might provide more satisfaction, is something that I left behind with no regrets as I gained life experience. My wife’s twenty something niece and her boyfriend however are spending the four day weekend with us, and they have expressed no interest whatsoever in learning from our painfully gained experience in the need of a human liver to occasionally take a day or two long break in the interests of casting off toxins ingested. They have made it their mission to reintroduce us to that long left behind “fun” world of drinking heavily until 4:00 AM and then waking at eight to a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s. This has been repeated until by the fourth day, which is today, my Chinese mirror is telling my 53 year old reflection in no uncertain terms to cease and desist immediately.

Two days to go. If I can negotiate some sort of agreement with that mirror to ignore the visibly throbbing vein on my left temple and de-emphasize the swollen liver protruding from under my T-shirt, I should be able to make it without medical intervention.


2 responses to “God Damn It!! Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

  1. Don’t talk to me about headaches. I’m off to the city again tonight with a goal of giving birth to the biggest one yet tomorrow morning. I honestly prefer to suffer the AM consequences of over imbibing rather than getting in the habit of a little hair of the dog, so I’m looking forward to it…sort of.

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