“Are you people stupid?! Let me answer that question”

Has anyone else noticed the tendency of Obama lately to adopt a whiny, “How many times do I have to explain this” tone when attempting to walk back some statement or other he has made that is not being interpreted “correctly” by the listener? Typically he’ll make a black or white statement such as, Israel must agree to its 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations with the Palestinians. When he is then slapped down mercilessly by the Israeli Prime Minister and basically told  that his little idea isn’t fit for a freshman introductory class in middle east studies, Obama hits the podium to inform us that we are all obviously just too dense to get what he was trying to say. Because of the nuance. Even if I grant the premise that he is being misunderstood and not backtracking and spinning as is normal for any politician caught with his foot in his mouth, why the over the top petulance in his voice inflection and body language and not a more commanding and confident demeanor as befits the office he holds? The video below shows a man on defense rather than leading. When dealing with foreign leaders who are naturally looking out for their own interests , a little more…chest…might be in order.

Obama takes a lot of heat in certain circles for his scholarly background rather than that of business or executive government, but this kind of behavior is not even indicative of a serious academic.  His actions when challenged are those of the insecure graduate student assistant when questioned by a bright undergraduate, and everyone in class can see that he has the instructor cornered. Obfuscate and attempt to make the inquisitor look the fool. Otherwise known as baffling them with bull shit.  A common enough phenomenon regarding mid-level bureaucrats and faux intellectuals, but a sad and dangerous spectacle when displayed by the office holder of the most powerful position on the planet.


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