Take my climate…please

Come on in, the water weather is fine.

May 15th and no sign yet of spring, much less a hint of summer. My driveway, divested of its usual gravel and dirt overlay by our torrential rains more resembles a half dry river bed with rocky base exposed. Driving the thousand feet or so from the house to the county maintained blacktop, I imagine I am a salmon swimming upstream. Choosing my route carefully, I conserve the energy stored  from last year’s short growing season by avoiding the most challenging of rock falls and swiftest area of current. I am tired…so tired.

If I don’t feel the warmth of the sun on my back and wallow in the unsung pleasures of wearing dry shoes soon, like the salmon who has completed natures prime directive to reproduce and then die I will simply throw myself to the bank of my drive one morning and life force spent, quietly expire.

So…how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?


5 responses to “Take my climate…please

  1. Rain, rain, won’t go away, hangs around another day. But when the rain is gone, it’s really really gone. Like a Ray Bradbury short story.

  2. In the northeastern quadrant of the U.S., we have had the wettest April since records started 117 years ago. You might have heard about the floods along the Mississippi. That’s from our runoff.

    May is starting out the same way.


    So, I guess we’ve taken your climate one step farther.

  3. Here in the heart of America, the elongated winter will stubbornly hang on until it changes, inside of a week, to the misery of the blast-furnace summer, without a doubt.

  4. Down here in Southern Arizona, it’s been sunny and in the 70’s for a couple of months. We just finished dinner on the patio. You’re welcome down here any time. The roses are beautiful and the orange and lemon trees are in bloom.

  5. Well……… In the Sierra Foothills, we had 2-3″ of snow this last Sunday and there were chain requirements on all roads over the Sierra. Squaw Valley just reported a record 600″ of snow this season. In the Foothills, the past 3 days have been a mixture of temps in the 40’s, rain, hail, and strong blustery winds which have brought down thousands of large tree limbs which have already leafed out. Other than that, welcome to Sunny California.

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