Somebody Get a Rope!

For the second year in a row, the genius who runs our local Babe Ruth baseball league has scheduled a game at 11:00 AM on Mothers Day. My wife and the mother of our children, who is not much of a sports fan under the best of circumstances, has taken this affront very personally. Unlike last year when she assumed it had been an unintentional oversight, she will attend this game with the stated purpose of hunting down and cornering the president of the league into rationalizing this scheduling decision publicly to what I am sure will be scores of irate mothers sitting on cold aluminum grandstands rather than being served breakfast in bed by their dutiful husbands on the one day of the year in which we have the opportunity to redeem our behavior of the previous 364. Asshole. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


3 responses to “Somebody Get a Rope!

  1. Eleven o’clock? Gee, I dunno…that sounds like a time-management thing.

    I used to have a neighbor who I’d see hustling out at 7:30 on Saturdays and Sundays…and then back again just before eight, with a tray of expensive Starbucks beverages and a big McDonald’s bag. That’s 104 days out of your 364 that she got good & pampered, her wide ass showed it, and pardon me but I don’t think anything good comes from this.

    Oh yeah, and I’m sticking to this next month. If I have to get out of bed at three o’clock, but it’s for a hot air balloon ride, that’s the best freakin’ Father’s Day ever as far as I’m concerned. Sitting, reclining, snoozing…feh. Honor the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, I say.

  2. Go get em, Michelle !!!
    Happy Mother’s day. They better make it up to you later.

  3. You couldn’t pay me enough to get in a hot air balloon Morgan. Glider, sure. Ultra-lite, ok. Blackhawk helocopter, bring it on.

    I’m not flying in anything with the aero-dynamic characteristics of a set of car keys.

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