Interesting, but irrelevant

There are a number of videos floating around YouTube purporting that Obama’s recently released long form birth certificate is a clumsily produced fake.  The one above seems reasonable due to its brevity and lack of breathless prose from the author that this is proof positive of a Manchurian President secretly doing the bidding of George Soros, or the Tri-Lateral Commissions, or the McDonald’s Corporation or something. In the best tradition of the interwebs he just throws it out there along with a bit of his particular expertise and lets the viewer decide what they are seeing. Of course most of the viewers know nothing of graphic design so it might just as easily be complete bull shit. People will believe what they want to believe.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state the following. Anyone with the ambition necessary to achieve the Presidency of the most powerful nation in history most likely has a team of people around him with a very refined sense of strategic thinking, and resources at their disposal that us peons can only faintly imagine. If this administration put forward a document so easily proved a forgery, it has a reason for doing so. I have a hard time believing that if it indeed is a forgery, they would have delegated its manufacture to someone unable to hide their tracks in Illustrator.  Barack Obama is a lot of things but he is no Dan Rather.

Two choices folks.  We continue egging “The Donald” on as he shoots spit-wads at the President from the back row while the democrats and media portray conservatives as pathetic Captain Queeg like characters obsessed with minutia,   or we focus on more serious things as 2012 approaches like finding a candidate who can actually give Obama a run for his money.

H/T to Gerard’s Rightnetwork for the video.


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