The Aristocrats

If I see one more fawning “interest piece” on the upcoming nuptials of  those useless royal fops Harry and what’s her name, I’m going to throw one of my dogs at the teevee screen. I was breathlessly informed this morning that His Royal Highness is personally preparing a 6:00 AM breakfast for a select group of attendees prior to the ceremony. Cooking, all by himself…and for others. It is an age of miracle and wonder. I wonder what they’ll be having?  Some combination of kippers and toast with squab and the pateed livers of former colonial subjects I imagine.

We here in America have an ample supply of parochially inbred idiots as a brief review of shows such as  “Swamp People” will testify to. They at least make their own way and have historically swum in the shallow end of the gene pool out of necessity due to their residing in small isolated towns, unlike the European royal families who deliberately breed morons in the interests of maintaining “proper” blood lines. To idolize these ticks on the rump of the British body politic simply because they possess a bit of stolen money and whatever glamor we peasants ascribe to them is beyond me.


3 responses to “The Aristocrats

  1. Looks like we’re on the same page this morning. I’m actually a much nicer fella than that guy who writes in my blog space.

  2. The whole royal thing has always confounded me. Wasn’t the impetus for our country a desire to not have royalty?

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