Deja Vu all over again

Young, inexperienced, charismatic, democrat President approves Western military advisors in foreign land to train rebels in defending French geo-political and business interests. Hmmm…sounds familiar, but I can’t quite recall how it turned out the last time.

Oh yes, I remember now.

Image via Moonbattery.


2 responses to “Deja Vu all over again

  1. And then the veep took over and made a thorough hash out of it, allowed a high-profile so-called “journalist” to dictate our foreign policy, dug in and held the position so that the whole thing became a hopeless meat grinder, to quit the office in disgrace and be replaced by a milquetoast RINO Republican who then acted as a lightning rod for any & all criticism about the conflict and the US’s role in it, from that moment until the end of time. So Oliver Stone could make a very silly movie about it.

    No, I don’t think Biden is going to make it in. But if there’s one thing those democrats are good at doing, it’s making sure they escape all blame, or at least that their party does. How many kids nowadays, born after 1974, are completely clueless on who “LBJ” was and see Nixon as the guy who got us stuck in Vietnam?

    Much closer to the truth to say JFK got us in it, and the LBJ appointed Walter Cronkite as our Secretary of Defense.

  2. I’m starting to understand how crotchetiness is the natural product of getting older as I watch voters first repeat a huge mistake by electing Carter 2.0, and then watch Carter 2.0 repeat the mistakes of JFK. If we’re lucky, it will result in the election of Trump about the time the economy folds and we’ll get to see how a Huey Long Presidency would have worked out.

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