Fearless Leaders

Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Huckabee, even Sarah Palin. It is with a growing sense of disgust that I watch courageous men like Paul Ryan and even Donald Trump charge into battle laying a withering covering fire, imploring everyone who is serious about halting the drunken spending spree this country has been on for the previous three decades to follow them into the fray, only to see the so called leaders of the Right cower in their foxholes with a finger to the political winds. Chicken shits all. If you can’t out fox ridiculous gas bags like Harry Reid, pontificating from the Senate floor on Conservative’s secret desires to see old women denied medical care or children forced to subsist on nothing but boiled shoe strings, please just go home and get a job as a high school guidance counselor or something. His are the babblings of a desperate bufoon clinging to the last threads of his power. Don’t click on that last link if you have a loaded revolver anywhere in the vicinity because you may be tempted to use it on yourself. Anyone who can watch this guy speak for more than thirty seconds and not come to the conclusion that he and his fossilized ideology are in full retreat and ripe to be over run does not possess enough of the right kind of intelligence to be the leader of anything. Except maybe the George B. McClellan fan club. Anyone on the right that fancies themselves a contender for the Presidency should relish the opportunity to engage aggressively the sad pathetic hacks currently in charge of the democratic party.


11 responses to “Fearless Leaders

  1. Absolutely! Everytime I see Huckabee trotted out as a serious candidate, my head nearly explodes. The Dems could run Jerry Brown for POTUS and beat that guy.

  2. That reminds me…off to the likker store!

  3. I don’t like the spicy ones so much. I prefer my deep fried subcutaneous pork fat layer plain and unadulterated. That way after polishing off half a bag or so, that film of Crisco like congealed suet that forms on the roof of your mouth doesn’t burn the tip of your tongue when you scrape it off.

  4. A tad?
    I haven’t been trying hard enough!

  5. Yep! Ever been to a “Tea Party”? The leaders might be an exception but most of the people I was involved with were basically ‘sheeple’ at heart. They have a vague sentiment that something is not right, but they generally are not well informed or even well educated on the principles of Liberty, self reliance, etc. Quickly concluding that they were not up to the task I quit. It’s said necessity is the mother of invention. Ergo, you’d think a real leader would arise. How perverse that he did and he was Obama. I agree with your assessment, but I do like Bachman, Pence, Lt. Col. Allen West; there are more no doubt. Huckabee is just the type the Tea Party would gravitate to from my observations, and Palin, whom I’d support; I’d support Elmer Fudd over Obummer. Palin is not as skilled as Trump, but I don’t trust him as much as I’d trust her. And neither one of them are as good as a relatively unknown like Ann Barnhardt, Denver Commodities Broker. You’d benefit from checking out her recent YouTube video excoriating Lindsey Graham.
    When, if, millions start to show up at protests against statist government, then I’ll take the anti gov’t movement seriously. Clearly if the conservatives won’t shut down the gov’t over what amounts to 12 days of borrowing (5×12=60 billion) then they don’t have the testicularity to shut it down over the trillions that we must cut in order to avoid ruin.

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