“Now go away, before I taunt you once again.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m really enjoying watching the French squirm while waiting for Obama to lead and make a decision on what should be done regarding Libya. For decades we have subsidized the life of leisure they expect as their due and in return they undercut us, stab us in the back, make condescending fun of our “cowboy” citizenry, and generally act like duplicitous assholes whenever we attempt to enlist their help in any foreign policy endeavor whatsoever in which their cooperation might help smooth the road a bit. As much fun as I am having observing the French expect decisiveness from Obama, and in watching him disappoint, I think that he is mostly doing the right thing in doing nothing here. Last I checked we in the US don’t get much in the way of oil from Libya while the French do. If they want to protect their source of oil maybe they ought to employ some of their always on strike public workers into shouldering a rifle to ensure a steady flow instead of relying on us cretinous Americans. I don’t believe for a second however that this inaction is some sort of a deliberate strategic stalling plan by Obama until the “proper” coalition can be formed. The indecisive public buffoonery and attempts to see every issue from each 360 degree point on the compass, when a clear call for action or an equally clear one for non-action is a minimum requirement, becomes more ridiculous with each passing hour. As his fecklessness seems to be working in our favor at the moment however it is my opinion that this, although purely accidental, represents his finest moment as President so far.

When the French President asks “Please! What do you intend to do about all of this?” just furrow your brow thoughtfully, cast your eyes slightly toward the heavens and jut your chin as we here in America have grown so accustomed to seeing just before you bleat some empty platitude, and then say “I don’t know…What do you guys want to do.” THAT my friends, is American soft power in action! We let the French twist in the wind, and the US looks ineffectual and impotent. Win-Win for both conservatives and progressives!

If at the end of the day the French manage to convince Obama into some sort of a multi-national, multi-cultural, quasi-military, man, woman, gay, straight invasionary force to topple the Libyan strong man, Kadaffi, trained in the ruthless ways of French warfare may have only one option left in preserving his rule. I shudder to contemplate it.

Update: Reader Gray comes up with the perfect slogan should the French succeed in coercing Obama to intervene in Libya on their behalf.


I can’t wait to see the left break out the giant Obama and Hilary paper mache heads.


2 responses to ““Now go away, before I taunt you once again.”

  1. war for No oil!

  2. I like it gray. I’ll get started on the giant paper mache’ heads.

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