Familiar Ground

According to this poll the American people believe once again that we’re off on the wrong track, and apparently the culprit this time is high gasoline prices. While I find it doubtful that the difference between a sixty and eighty dollar fill up is the sole reason for many thinking that the country is going to hell in a hand basket, it does put a dent in the weekly budget and tends to focus attention on the fact that prices for just about everything are ramping up and that the bottom of the country’s cash drawer is becoming visible. Generally I tend to put a great deal of faith in the wisdom of the American people when taken as a whole but in moments when I’m feeling especially cynical, I sometimes think that if our governing ruling classes could just figure out how to keep gas prices at $2.50 a gallon and toss in free premium cable and a high-speed internet connection, the battle to keep them out of our business would essentially be over as our ever softer, “fascinated by shiny objects” culture, would surely think it an even trade.



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