Happy Boy

It is clear and cold out this afternoon. There is a brisk wind blowing out of the north but as it is the first time in weeks that looking out the window does not bring a view of a steady hard rain, I’m not complaining. The horses are fed and watered, a few days supply of fir split and brought inside to the wood box, the dogs are asleep where the sun coming in the windows warms the floors. As I wait for Michelle to get home and watch that sun shine through an unopened bottle of sixteen year old single malt that I’ve been saving for a special occasion, I am tempted.

Aw…what the hell. It’s our sixteenth wedding anniversary!


2 responses to “Happy Boy

  1. Congratulations! May you have many more to come!

  2. If I take after my fathers side of the family I’ll have 27 more. They kick off at eighty like clock work. My mothers side mostly go well into their nineties or over a hundred, so with luck or advanced future medical technology we’ll make it to fifty.

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