Why not just say what you mean!

The problem with most politicians today is that they take lines of questioning like the one below at face value.

Michelle Bachmann, in attempting to appear reasoned and even keeled in the face of absurdity, herself becomes absurd. What would the average person’s response be in say a job interview, if the interviewer suddenly departed from the usual query’s on experience and suitability for the position and asked “Hey! If you had to hazard a guess as to whether or not the boss shaves his balls, which side would you fall on?” If you are like me you would most likely lose your train of thought for a bit and perhaps instead of attempting to answer the question, merely stare slack-jawed at your inquisitor. If he then continued with “So… you refuse to state categorically whether or not you think the bosses nuts are as smooth as a walnut shell, oh and by the way, there’s a circus midget in the lobby performing a sexual act on a Mexican donkey…you a fan of that sort of thing?”, I think I might at a minimum inquire of his sanity and express a sincere desire that he get some help before he hurt himself or anyone else. At a maximum, depending on my mood that day and whether or not I felt that I was in imminent danger, I might break a chair over his head.

If Michelle Bachmann had taken that later course of action in responding to this bizarre questioning, she would have earned my never-ending loyalty and my tireless efforts on her behalf for whatever office she deemed herself fit to run for in the future.


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