“Tough Budget Cuts”

Every so often a graphic turns up that really needs to be passed around and contemplated on. If the numbers being thrown around regarding the budget, the deficit, and Obama’s proposed cuts to the deficit for fiscal year 2012 are mere gobbledygook to you, if you think that the worst is behind us and believe that our MSM is mostly on the mark to one degree or another in saying that we have turned the corner and prosperity is again just around the corner, you need to pull up a chair and meditate deeply on this via Doug Ross.

Be sure and read his observations at the link as I couldn’t agree more. The only thing I might add is that I am quickly losing faith that Americans in sufficient numbers will awake to the realities apparent in graphics like this until it is too late. With Obama’s approval ratings ticking up after his recent well propagandized “move to the center” and the Dem’s likely election strategy of painting conservatives as those big bad meanies who want to take away all of our stuff, I fear that like a junkie, only by hitting rock bottom will we be forced to finally see things as they are.


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