I never really understood what the big brew-ha on the right was over Keith Olbermann. He was such an over the top cartoon of a man thoroughly and helplessly impressed with himself, and his ratings were so infinitesimally small, that I really couldn’t think of anything substantive to say when he got canned from MSNBC a few weeks back and didn’t understand why anyone else would either. I shrugged and figured a guy that unbalanced was bound to eventually run out of luck and land on a chambered round, saying something so crazy that even the powers that be at the peacock network would turn their backs and pretend they didn’t know him, and he would become just another forgotten bit player in the foaming theater of early 21st century leftist punditry.

I had just about relegated my memory of that bizarre cross of Ted Baxter and Nathan Sturm to the dustbin when I came across this spot-on impersonation by Ben Affleck that fully captures Olby’s particular brand of megalomania. I believe I may have sold ol’ Limpy short over the years. Godspeed Mr. Olbermann!  You were one of a kind. We – may – well – soon – not – see – the – like – of – your – flaccid – intellect – again……soon……SIR!

You know… I  kinda miss him already.


One response to “SPECIAL COMMENT…

  1. That was good. And good riddance, too.

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