Stupid is as stupid…well, I’ll let you decide.

As a young man I did some stupid things. I once attempted to stealthily “borrow” without permission gasoline from an outboard motor can located in the driveway of a Louisiana Cajun with four very aggressive adult sons, each it turns out possessing a very keen sense of hearing. I have bungee jumped in Mexico. I chased a bottle of bourbon one night with a large handful of psychedelic mushrooms while on 24 hour call as an oilfield diver, only to find myself in a helicopter sixty minutes later and underwater in ninety performing an emergency pipeline riser inspection on an offshore rig. The abundance of phosphorescent plankton in the dark water made for a very memorable evening though one that I would not care to ever repeat. On our country’s 200th birthday I found my self at Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Inn and on a dare pissed in its namesake geyser between eruptions. My drinking buddies were thoroughly impressed and amused although the park rangers, aware of the geysers unfaithful nature regarding time between eruptions, didn’t appreciate my daring do and we were all hastily escorted from the park.

While some may interpret these acts of youthful adventure as immature or perhaps even approaching the level of amateur stupidity, these guys are real pros.


11 responses to “Stupid is as stupid…well, I’ll let you decide.

  1. I’M PROUD, DAMNED PROUD! we both did items on this story today without referencing each other. Just goes to show we are the cutting edge of reportage in the pacific northwest.

  2. Tales from the “Slums of Bellevue” never fail to entertain. Wasn’t that guy who was arrested for having sex with his horses a while back from the east side?

  3. Pulled that out of your hat pretty quick Al.
    Anything you want to share?

  4. I’ll bet these guys were really, really ridiculously good-looking.

  5. Man, sounds like you and my brother have too much in common. I, however was the “good child” probably because there would be no way I could top his antics. He just started a blog, I will probably have to hide my eyes when he talks about his stupid youthful days.

  6. I loved your piece on smiling. It seems like there is so little to smile about these days that any thing that is positive is worth its weight in silver{too cheap to buy gold} thanks for the refreshing breath of fresh air.I TOTALLY FEEL VALIDATED!

  7. I’m not proud of my youthful indiscretions Rita, but seeing as I lived through them I wouldn’t change a thing!

    You ARE validated MM.

    I’m sure they are good looking BAP. If mullets and missing bicuspids are good looking.

  8. West: My brother wouldn’t be who he is today if he hadn’t made the mistakes he made. I just love finally having the upper hand now that he’s an old guy and I can outrun him and yell at him when he does something stupid. Not the same kind of youthful stupid, just the hardhead old guy stupid. Not saying you’re stupid today, just relating how some can emerge from the craziness of youthful stupidity to the other side and be really wonderful people.

  9. Thanks for saying I’m not stupid today Rita. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

  10. West: I’m here to please.

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