Find your smile.

H/T to the always cheerful Joan….who has a sailboat.


4 responses to “Find your smile.

  1. Sweet! But isn’t this out of character? It’s not cynical, political, or sarcastic. Is this what quitting hitting yourself over the head with real estate stresses has done to you?

  2. Is that my online persona Al? I’m really not remotely like that.

    Now stop bothering me you closeted blue state wingtard. We’re all screwed sideways so what does any of it matter 😉

  3. Why shouldn’t I be cheerful, after losing my home, my job, my beautiful city, and moving to a passive-aggresively muddy city of the true Old South? Oh, I know why, I have a sailboat. It ain’t much, but it’s my little fist in the face of the onslaught, and I’m hangin’ onto it for as long as possible.

    Even the marina where I’m parked is twice-foreclosed, now closed by the Health Dept. and no longer has bathrooms or running water to the dock. The bank isn’t sure who owns it or who is in charge. Good thing I’m not living on the boat, but I’m having to move it all the same. you don’t have to. (Remember that movie?)

    Thanks for the linky-luv!

  4. Boats is fun! Spendy little buggers though.

    Don’t even get me started on the banks. We’re in our 18th month of trying to negotiate a modification and it’s been quite the schooling on just how they operate. Monumental incompetence or rapacious beyond my wildest imagination. Take your pick.

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