Wastin’ time in Siskiyou County

Well…I’m back in Yreka waiting for the mechanics to finish up on the wagon and it looks like everyone has been a bit too optimistic regarding the completion date. Upon leaving last Tuesday, they assured me it would be finished by day before yesterday. Last I checked they “assured” me it would be completed by this coming Tuesday. My “Things to do in Siskiyou County” list has been pretty much exhausted so maybe I’ll head out to the coast tomorrow. This town is as dead as only a former gold mining boom town bypassed by the interstate forty five years ago can be. The scenery is nice though and the girls in the taverns are bored and pretty. Not a good combination for a happily married man with a gift for gab! Good thing I have my laptop and an internet connection to keep me out of trouble.


3 responses to “Wastin’ time in Siskiyou County

  1. Never been more than a casual fan…it’s like fantasy football. I don’t get it.

  2. Beautiful (pics I mean)

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