Guess they didn’t get the memo…

On our recent visit, I thought that the Monterey aquarium was a first class operation…with the exception in my humble opinion of this little display of Soviet style poster propaganda regarding global warming, or climate change, or climate chaos(?) or whatever it is they are calling it these days tossed in with the marine exhibits for the sake of the kiddies. Nothing like planting the seed early that by gassing up the family car or choosing plastic over paper, their parents might be committing crimes against the state.

My favorite is a shout out to the Bridgeview Islamic Center for using solar heated water in washing during their prayer rituals. The irony that they are probably praying for the death or forced religious conversion of most in attendance seemed lost on those approvingly pointing out “teh diversity” to the school kids viewing the display.

Kind of confused by the masturbatory penis iconography of the last poster…but it is the Bay area after all.

Click posters to embiggen.


9 responses to “Guess they didn’t get the memo…

  1. They loves their posters, but can never face the realities of Communism’s legacy. Millions upon millions of dead bodies. Communism is the biggest destroyer of the world. People of the world…run away.

  2. You are fucking kidding me. Time for the flamethrowers.

  3. Hey, if Pelosi can state that reducing the deficit is her “mantra” and her constituents buy it, they obviously don’t have enough of the the gray cells left to resist or even recognize Soviet style propaganda when they see it. Probably best for the rest of the country to back away from California slowly while avoiding direct eye contact.

  4. I take a huge interest in that State as it is now the permanent home of my sister who married an American. Plus work is based there as are my US colleagues. It’s a beautiful State but I have trouble reconciling the beauty of the place with what its done to the inside of my sisters head. Maybe thats her Obama loving husband’s sole work. Either way the State cost me a dear sister who is now unrecogniseable characteristically to what she was when she left Britain and devoid of a sense of humour. And apparently I’m the first right wing acquaintance my LA based boss has ever known. She seems surprised to get along with me too. Truly that is WTF Madness. Politically California is a bigger basketcase than New Labour’s ex card carrying Communist Party of GBs finest – on a jolly in Islington.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope life is good!


  5. My comment in your post below got caught in your spam but if you dig it out enjoy the pics

  6. Uhhh . . . the top poster: is that for real? You know, NOT photoshopped?

    It is so seriously 1930’s Stalinist retro that I had to ask

    The third one with the faux cyrillic letters is another clueless winner. Quasi Russian lettering sourrounding someone in a peasant head scarf?

    Either these people have no sense of irony to go along with their no sense of history, or somebody in their “camp” is metaphorically piising on them.

  7. I got only one beef with your post. Monterey in not in the Bay Area. They may claim they are, hell, maybe the Bay Area Political Machine claims they are, but they aren’t. Whole separate Peoples Republic of Politically Correct Clap Trap.

    (written from behind enemy lines in Frisco)

  8. I love the art work style, always have. A shame it always gets used for stuff like this.

  9. Good to hear from you Alison! I hope all is well. I know the feeling of being the only right of center member of a group. My family thinks I’ve snapped my cap by straying from the leftist group think.

    No Photoshopping DR. The Irony is lost on these “Bay area” dwellers. No offense Fodder 🙂

    I know what you mean Nicole. The style must appeal for it to be effective I suppose.

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