Whew…I made it.

Well… I’m back in front of my computer after having survived a road trip with wife and two teenagers in which I figured my chances were 50/50 at best upon  pulling out of the driveway two weeks ago. The highlights? The three-day drive back up US 1 along the California and Oregon coasts was truly spectacular. At one memorable stop the elephant seals had hauled themselves ashore at their winter breeding grounds immediately adjacent the highway near San Simeon. For fans of observing the reactions of families with children when in close proximity to one of natures finest spectacles of violent fucking and fighting, I recommend it highly. I rode a roller coaster in which the opening drop consists of forty people strapped into a contraption as large as a diesel locomotive and then plummeting vertically fifteen stories at 85 MPH…backwards…head first. We took the 17 mile drive through the Monterey Peninsula and if you think you have witnessed conspicuous consumption, the final five miles of that drive offers real estate options I had no idea actually existed other than in paintings. That’s a picture of one of the more modest abodes above.

Lowlights? I discovered that when a late-model high performance German automobile slips a timing belt, the engine doesn’t simply require re-timing but in fact ceases to exist in time. I’ll be heading back to Yreka, Ca. Thursday to return the rental and pick up the wagon $6,000 poorer for the experience. Such is life. It’s good to be home.


2 responses to “Whew…I made it.

  1. Ive made that trip twice now. Beautiful. I loved the 17 mile drive. One of my fav photos to share with you:


    & those adorable seals… :)..at least they were being adorable when I saw them!


    Sorry to read about the car

  2. Really nice photos Alison. You have quite the talent!

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