Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m making the final push in preparing for our Christmas vacation road trip so this will probably be the last you hear from me until after the new year. Thank you all for continuing to stop by and listen to my occasional rambling observations and opinions.

Before I go, here is a great gift idea from the guys at Maggie’s Farm for the last-minute shopper if you’re stumped on the perfect gadget for that special guy in your life.

I know this doesn’t seem like a good thing at first glance girls but remember, ’tis the season for giving so….you know…commence with the giving!

Oh yeah, I understand some congratulations are in order. Jewel is a brand new grandmother! Get on over to her place and give her a big virtual hug!


6 responses to “Merry Christmas everyone!

  1. Mark, you are sweet! Thank you. I think the ‘make the woman do what the man wants’ remote control is what Gerard should have. He wants the female>male translator. He must be off his meds or not getting enough shuteye. Unfortunately, this translator not only tells you what women think, but it causes the man to bend to the will of the woman and do her every wish. He doesn’t want that, but he won’t listen to me, probably because he doesn’t have a female>male translator. We should get him one for Christmas.

  2. MEN! I take back my “your a genius” comment from before. Oh, and my “man” does all the cleaning. I only do the cooking.

  3. My misogyny is just for show Rita. I do the cooking AND cleaning around here.

  4. WSM: So, sounds like you just lost your man card.

    Just so we’re on the same page, because I believe we ARE on the same page, I get a kick out of playing the gender card when it’s only to my advantage. I come from a long line of smart aXXXX, so I plead the case it’s in my blood. I actually found the remote amusing, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to show it to my husband. I only let him have the remote to our TV when I’m not in the house and sometimes then I hide it from him. 😉

    And since you do the cooking AND cleaning, what does the wifey do, sit around eating bon bons all day?

    j/k my friend. Your blog is quite entertaining, glad I happened to find it.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Rita. Don’t tell the boys but while I’m doing the cooking and cleaning, my wife works 60 hour weeks. We have kind of a role reversal thing going on here.

    They have a woman’s version of that remote you know. Google “control a man remote” and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  6. Ahhh, so then you are again a genius. And my husband does all the cleaning because I am a full time contractor and he is semi-retired, got his first gubment check this month. We figure we better start collecting his early since we aren’t convinced there will be any SS left in another three years.

    So he’s the smart one, able to leave this cold Godforbidden state at least one month out of these nasty winters while I slave away. Not sure how we got into our own role reversal thingy here, but makes me think I might not be as smart as I always thought I was.

    Be well my friend.

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