Dueling Diva’s

I see Sarah Palin is taking quite a bit of heat from some of the usual suspects for having the unmitigated gall of having her daughter brush her hair for her while visiting Haitian cholera victims. I can’t recall anyone…ever… acting in such an over the top vain and self-centered manner, can you?!

Update: Video embed restricted. I fuckin’ hate youtube. Oh well, I’m sure you’ve all seen it before.


One response to “Dueling Diva’s

  1. He was and always will be Our Silky Pony. I watched Sarah Palin completely unhinge the already very unhinged and odious Kate Gosselin (Jon and Kate plus H8). Kate is our locally famous diva who turned her whelps into prostitots for fame and lucre. Watching her whine under a canopy in the Alaskan rain while her tykes actually seemed to have fun for once in their prepackaged lives was priceless. Even better was seeing her gag on a moose hot dog, while Sarah just looked bemused. It was funny. In the beginning of the show, Piper was eager for them all to come and you could see the hero worship and happiness on her little face. By the end of the show, however, the look of disappointment was open and raw on her sweet little visage. The girl couldn’t act to save her life, God Bless ‘er.

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