I’m green with envy

Went clamming today but I only got one.

You think I’m kidding? Here is an actual picture of the not so elusive but highly embarrassing Geoduck (gooeyduck) dug from my beach this morning.

My apologies to the ladies.


4 responses to “I’m green with envy

  1. If you eat that thing, might you become pea green from not envy?

  2. They are actually pretty tasty if prepared properly Jewel. Sliced thin for sashimi, or cut into strips, attacked violently with a meat tenderizer, and quickly sauteed. Not to be consumed as is except by especially talented prOn industry professionals.

  3. Well, that rules me out, as a professional prOn industry talent. I’m thinking of starting a new Food Network Show called “Iron Stomach”. It would be a competition where Iron Chefs force ordinary people to eat their insane concoctions, and the first one to throw up, wins.

  4. I like it!
    Sounds like a combination of “America’s Test Kitchen” and “Jackass”.
    A potential ratings blockbuster!

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