“Pinin’ for the Fjords”

Well, I’ve gone ahead and mercifully euthanized my real estate business. In all candor, a business that suffers a 90% loss of revenue over a period of two years was dead long before I finally gathered the nerve to pull the plug. In a perfect world an early and luxurious retirement at age 53 would be in order but unfortunately that would require a lengthy history of steadily increasing annual income combined with an ethic of thrift and wise investment over time.

Guess I’ll start looking for another parrot.

Michael Palin delivers a stellar performance in this clip portraying “The National Association of Realtors”.


5 responses to ““Pinin’ for the Fjords”

  1. I was working for the top producer in the top-selling county in the entire U.S. when Florida suffered the first tidal wave of the housing apocalypse. She quit within three months of that fine October of 2008, and never looked back. Scary stuff.

  2. Well, Mark, the profession will miss your voice, and your perspective. Ain’t a lot of brokers on our end (or even our half) of the political spectrum, at least here in the Upper Left Corner, so now we’re that much more endangered.

    I have colleagues in Seattle who’ve seen that 90% drop that you’ve experienced, and we’ve all been pinched: across the entire Northwest MLS (most of the western half of Washington State) agent incomes are less than half what they were before the bubble burst. Tough times, for sure. Hope you find someone else willing to pay handsomely for your talents, and soon–

  3. Hi Westsound- In the words of Keynes, the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. I hope everything works out for you.

    One of the ways that small businessmen are often taken advantage of is that they associate their businesses with their own personhood. They hang in long after a disinterested party would close up shop. It’s a point of personal pride to fight to the last man. The very thing that animates your business can be a cross to nail you to. Your average manager in a corporate setting just makes a mark through a line, and hundreds are affected, unseen and unmourned. It’s never that way for a small businessman.

  4. You sure hit that one on the head Sipp. In hindsight I probably should have followed the market into short sale/foreclosure territory (blech) or bailed a year ago. Oh well. I’m sure things will work out.

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