Nearly Famous

In April of 2009 I began my little show here at westsound modern, never dreaming that anyone other than a few friends and family members would care to stop by. Exactly one year later I had attracted ten thousand page views in one month. Blogospheric fame and riches, such as they are, were sure to follow shortly.  Glancing at my WordPress site stats today I see 34 hits, no referrals, and the top two search phrases directing traffic to my place being, “We got married and lost our jobs” and “poop”.

So…please refrain from throwing rotten fruit and vegetables on stage. My site counter has done your work for you.


14 responses to “Nearly Famous

  1. Walk it off!

    It’s not the size of the dog but the poop in the dog.

  2. I have however been introduced to more than a few outstanding people due to this blog thing, you among them Gerard.

    At least your mention of poop might drive a few more visits today.

  3. I have fame retardant posts that get a lot of visits, too. Makes me regret writing them.

  4. I never thought I’d be writing to a web site like this, but…. poop scat twink tranny sluts-o-popping ponygirl hot trotters smegma harem osama-is-jesus hoosier heroin naked anime bear bearly legal dwarf-bowling contrail chinese missile she-males on credenzas kid-safe elevator girls in bondage monpediamania barack obama boys town boystown betty page vintage lesbiana hot docking asian teeterers chocolate sandwich

  5. Keep coming back. I’ll be here all week.

  6. Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.

    The exception to rule 34 is the citation of rule 34.

    “I invoke Rule 34 on lunch…oh, my god, is that actually a Mountain Dew can f**king a sandwich on the porch of westsound modern?”

  7. The net is a cold and lonely place if you look at stats. 🙂

    Take heart. 90% of my traffic appears to be from sites that are linking to images I’ve got on my site. At least poop searches hold the potential to be sophomorically amusing. 🙂

  8. Let me just say that when Jewel and I decided to make plans for an ordinary Friday blog reading and commenting session, the last thing on our minds was the possibility of running into three gorgeous, nymphomaniacal, bi-sexual sorority co-eds, blogging frantically and in the nude at westsound modern which is miles from civilization, surrounded by the primal wilderness of unspoiled nature, and well known to all of Puget Sound as a website where our passions for flaming the host could reach untold heights far from the disapproving eyes of society.

  9. I’d like to blame the slow traffic on your dropping the ball on the discussed-but-never-scheduled summer drinkfest. What ever happened with that, anyway?

    But I’ll just bet it was the diminishing frequency of your posts. Why check back every day if there’s nothing new there? Fortunately this is an easy hypothesis to test, and we have the tester right here:
    Gerard, what happened to your stats when you were off working on Right Network and neglecting AD?

  10. Thanks G! Here are my most recent search engine results.

    it’s not nice to fuck mother nature
    hillbillies montana
    people sucking each others bums
    let’s start party sucking cocks

    Maybe quality over quantity is not such a bad thing.

    As for you Al…I’m a busy guy what with the formaldehyde abatement and snow-seal application happening on the double wide. What…did you think I actually lived in a swanky modern waterfront?

  11. Well…. Thanks a lot!! I’ve been googling “poop” for ten minutes now and you wouldn’t believe all the crap I’ve had to dig thru. And to top it off, I’ve found NO link to Westsound Modern.

  12. Bob, you need remedial skilz!

    I’ve found over 19,000 links

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