I don’t like clowns.

Word Around the Net says he is not afraid of clowns. Have you ever seen French clowns?


15 responses to “I don’t like clowns.

  1. French clowns are as frightening as French Pères Noëls:

  2. Frogs…there’s something about them that just isn’t right.

  3. It is good to hate the French.

  4. Perhaps hate is too strong. More like a healthy suspicion.

  5. Come on Jewel. You’re better than that. Among an endless list of French contributions to culture and politics is Le Mer, one of the great songs of the 20th century.

    I was in Paris the day Charles Trenet passed in 2001. And for the entire week after newspapers and television were filled with stories about the great man. People I met of all sorts talked about him. It was very touching.

  6. M. Arthur-Pierre, c’est si bon, donc, ne détester que les Clowns français. Je suis désolée pour l’infraction. C’était le sarcasme de ma parte. En vérité j’aime la France, mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi les français ne se battre pour leur culture avec le dynamisme que tout ce qu’ils ont à détester l’Amérique. (and yes, I really do speak French, though the only French-speaking country I have visited is Canada, so my French is somewhat canuckified.) And I do believe that the French don’t stand up for their culture with the kind of vibrancy that they display when in full-throated America Hate. And don’t tell me they don’t.

  7. Perhaps I was wrong.

  8. Wrong, Arthurstone? Nah. I did say what I said, so I understand. There is so much about France I would love to see. I have met many French folks here who don’t hate America. Maybe because they live here, but I have also encountered tourists who, not knowing I understand French, have said some vile things about my country that weren’t true, and this was in 1982-83 at the time! The French, the Italians, the Spanish and most of all, the British have so much worthy about their histories and cultures, and what I see happening to them, as they are folded into this big giant bureaucracy of Shut Up and Die Off! are nations, doing just that.

  9. You’d hate France. It’s full of French. And they spend much of their time in full-throated American hate.

    But you raise an interesting point. It’s cringe-making to be around a group of American tourists in a foreign country listening to what they have to say about their hosts.

  10. Actually not.

    I don’t ‘hate’ the French and I don’t even ‘hate’ Americans.

    But individuals of either tribe could use a touch of improving.

  11. I just want to be specific in my surgical hatred: French clowns….and mimes, are worthy of spleen venting hatred by me. It is mine and mine alone to indulge in.
    Having said that. Jacques Tati is my favorite film maker. So I have some redeeming qualities.

  12. Speaking of French film makers we watched Resnais latest ‘Wild Grass’ last nite. Those who find French cinema completely pretentious and, well… too French are in for an excruciating hour and a half. Those who can just let their eyeballs watch and their ears listen are in for a treat.

    As for Jacques Tati:


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