Oh My…

During the Bush administration, I grew used to seeing unflattering photos of GW that served as editorials regarding his supposed lack of even the most rudimentary intelligence. I’d say that this image pretty much sums up the megalomania of President Zero.

That light escaping his right ear appears to be his mojo leaving the house.

Photo via Rightnetwork.


5 responses to “Oh My…

  1. I am sitting here, reading some Oriana Fallaci, and simmering in a cauldron of slowly rising rage. We really lost a fearless wordsmith when she died. Today, I read an account where some Somali sonofabitch went up to the altar at the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and danced upon it. Lines are being redrawn and then crossed as we draw them. What kind of people will we be when we are finally cornered, I wondered.
    So sick of tyrants.
    Anyone who thinks the election is going to change things is seriously kidding himself. This president doesn’t care for law or rules. He will decree by fiat.

  2. Fearless really does describe Fallaci. I once read an account of her interview with the Ayatolla Khomeini and was blown away by how she refused to kow-tow to him. She easily could have been tossed into an Iranian prison for her impudence but she didn’t seem to care. She spoke the truth as she saw it, consequences be damned.

  3. Oh, she was arrested in Iran. After insulting the Ayatollah, she went back to Italy and reported the whole thing, and when she returned to Iran, she was arrested. Apparently, she was too hot to handle for them, and it was at the time of the American hostage crisis. Here is something you’ll like: The Rage and the Pride:

  4. It’s always amusing to read what folks project upon an image.

    People see what they want to see.

    Suggested reading:


  5. I read today that ” the optimist buys gold, the pessimist buys lead and brass”.
    I’d say the realist buys both.

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