Your Friday Night Smack Down!

I’ve seen some serious beatings, but this is truly transcendental.

Greta Van Susteren plays University of Nebraska to ambulance chasing leftist hack Gloria Allred’s Western Kansas Technical College. Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad publicity. That person was incorrect.


3 responses to “Your Friday Night Smack Down!

  1. Allred is sleazy and this is a despicable incident. No question.

    I felt the same about Linda Tripp.

  2. So much Botox, it hurts our face.

  3. Allred (such a perfect surname!)’s final defense of “doing what the client requested” wouldn’t pass the ABA’s ethics test, would it?

    But if we can’t have a good Ali v. Frasier bout, this one rates a close second.

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