Sold! To the highest bidder.


By all indications it looks like the Republican party will make significant gains in the House and Senate this November, potentially regaining the majority of one or both. Given the performance of the Dems over the last four years this will be a welcome development, but the thought lingers regarding just how much things will really change should this come to pass.

Politics in a democracy has always been a transaction between buyers and sellers, but not in a retail sense. It is more like an auction. With influence and access for sale, those who slap the most cash on the block will naturally come out on top and there is nothing shocking about this in and of itself. Problems arise however when what is supposed to be an open auction, with all equally able to bid, becomes a rigged operation in which the auctioneer conspires to allow a small elite of regular bidders to exclude the majority of buyers through rules decided in private among themselves. Rules undisclosed to the average Joe who naively thinks he can just show up and purchase something of value. He may walk away with a trinket or two, but the good stuff was bought and sold long before he ever entered the room.

For most of my adult life, the average Joe’s have been content to leave the auction house with these trinkets. A good job with a decent retirement. A modest home where he could raise a family. To live a life as he chooses, pursuing happiness as he defines it, knowing that this elite had exclusive access to the good stuff but also knowing that he might join this elite if he chose to, simply by making a few trade offs. This all worked pretty well until these elite bidders in cooperation with the auctioneer decided that having exclusive access to the good stuff wasn’t enough. They wanted Joe’s trinkets as well. Thus the internet bubble, the housing bubble, the stock market crash, financial meltdown, and the largest transfer of wealth in history from these average Joes into the pockets of those who have rigged the auction in their favor.  Our entrenched political classes will say that what we need are more auctioneer’s to ensure that the auction is conducted fairly.  Some others are saying that perhaps the auctioneer is not necessary at all. What does he do really… other than drive the price up on things by playing one bidder against another.

Whether Democrat, Republican, or somewhere in between, do your homework Joe. If you want your trinkets back, choose wisely this November and beyond.


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