Action and Reaction

I listened to a bit of the news conference given by the woman recently released from Iran after being jailed on spying charges. While she seemed a nice young woman who after going through a harrowing ordeal was obviously choosing her words carefully in the interests of  not causing additional trouble for her two companions who remain behind, I noticed a couple of things about her and the situation she found herself in that elicited from me a frustrated sigh.

She is a recent graduate from The University of California at Berkley so must possess above average quantities of what passes for intelligence these days. The reason I say “what passes for intelligence” is due to her next statement. She said, seemingly sincerely, that she had no idea why what happened, happened.

In similar news, I placed my thumb next to a nail being pounded with a hammer. My thumbnail is now missing and the digit in question is very sore. I have no idea why what happened, happened. I found a leftover bottle rocket from the fourth and lacking a bottle to launch it from,  substituted my wife’s purse which was sitting on a nearby table. Her very expensive purse now smells like sulphur and has a large hole burned in the lining. I also have a black eye. I don’t understand why this happened. I went hiking near the border region of a fundamentalist Muslim nation hostile to my own with a history of kidnapping innocent westerners and ransoming them. I was thrown into jail as a spy when I may or may not have accidentally crossed the border and was later released for 500 large. I’m just at a loss…really.

I don’t know what they are teaching at Berkley but critical thinking must not be on the syllabus.


4 responses to “Action and Reaction

  1. I’d try to explain it all to you, why what happened, happened, but I’m afraid of what might happen if I happen to do so. Such is happenstance, I s’pose, and it’s best to remain in my ignorant but blissful state of happiness, in that regard. Mayhap it will work out for her and her hapless chaps. Unless they get hanged, in which case, mayhap it won’t.

  2. What they are teaching at Berkeley is how to think and act like an ELITE. This is all they have ever done and all they will ever do. They are smarter than you, know better than you, have the certain and irrefutable knowledge of how to improve the world, have a much more refined and advanced sense of morality than any others, and can do no wrong. Regarding “critical thinking”, their mishaps occurred and incontravertably, “It was all BUSH’s Fault!”

  3. My own youngest brother is a graduate of NYU and UCSF so I know the attitude well Bob. My views are as welcome as a turd in a punchbowl at family gatherings!

  4. West….

    Well, I have a post-graduate degree from Stanford and that somewhat explains my thoughts about Berkeley (Cal and Stanford are arch-rivals), but these thoughts are more the child of common sense than of college rivalry.

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