The Inquisitors

Deaths attributed to Bearded Marxists: 60,000,000

Deaths attributed to College Wiccans: 0

So. One candidate in their youth confessed to “dabbling” in witchcraft, which probably consisted of attending a frat kegger in which the host attempted to get into the panties of the future Senate candidate by concocting a tale of varsity vampires or some such. Two facts will remain unassailable in this post. College girls love vampires and college guys will lie to get laid. She apparently rejected his recruitment/seduction efforts and settled into life as a somewhat run of the mill if outspoken Christian Conservative, counseling youth to avoid what she described as the “promiscuous” lifestyle that she herself had partaken of during her early college years. Yawn…

 The other candidate at 21 wrote an article for his college newspaper entitled, “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist.” in which he documents his “transformation from a sheltered, conservative minded student into a cynical young adult who was distrustful of American power and willing to question the American notion of free enterprise.” Yawn? Not so fast.

 While most of us have experienced our youthful  indiscretions and in most instances modified our views to comport more closely with reality as we gain experience in the world, by all appearances Mr. Coons seems to still harbor most of the Marxist illusions that only a college sophomore or member of our political class can possess, and therein lies the rub. When I think of college Wiccans I mostly think of something like this. When thinking of bearded Marxists however, I think of this. According to our vaunted press corps and the political class whom they serve to protect, I am to regard someone who states that in their twenties they went to a party where witchcraft was discussed as a threat to the very fabric of our society, and to ignore someone who has or continues to espouse the philosophy of Marxism  as not worthy of mentioning. Of course Coons is no Marxist in the sense of those who committed the atrocities linked above, just as O’Donnell I’m sure is not secretly sacrificing goats after counseling them on the evils of masturbating in the name of Gaia….but I digress.

Our media is attempting to, and often succeeding in determining for us that which is to be viewed as acceptable and that which is to be feared and banished. They have become modern day inquisitors. In a sane world, a paper published in youth under the title “The Making of a Bearded Marxist” would carry the same future burden as one entitled “The Making of a National Socialist.” The author may have long ago renounced those views but he or she should certainly be under greater scrutiny than had they not legitimized a philosophy accountable for deaths in the millions. This scrutiny is being applied of course , but only to one side of the coin. We need not guess what the press reaction would be if Christine O’Donnell had penned an article in her college newspaper regarding her conversion to Nazism and her Democratic opponent was the one possessing a plain if sometimes odd personal story. When presented with a tale of two candidates, our inquisitors will determine innocence and guilt by rules known only to themselves. Punishment is then just a matter of inciting the mob to pass sentence. 

The other


One response to “The Inquisitors

  1. Yawn.

    Too bad Coons isn’t actually a ‘bearded Marxist’ mass murderer.

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