Until a couple of days ago, I had never heard of the winner of the Delaware GOP primary Christine O’Donnell. I can understand the left’s revulsion of her as she is apparently a fundamentalist Christian type who eschews pleasuring herself in favor of delegating this duty to a second party. Or something like that.

What I don’t quite understand is the establishment right’s conclusion that she is unelectable in reliably blue Delaware simply due to some erratic past behavior, odd statements, and having no experience in politics. To those who share this view, please consider the following…

Anything is possible in politics. Particularly in reliably blue states as reason and logic seldom play a pivotal role in choosing representation.

UPDATE: Ok…now I understand.

UPDATE, UPDATE: Good grief. Please feel free to remove the quotation marks from the title bar.


12 responses to ““Unelectable”

  1. If you gave me a choice between having O’Donnell watch my kid for a whole weekend, or Jesse Venture, I would pick O’Donnell before you could say “Carl Weathers for Louisiana’s Next Governor.”

    Jesse Ventura is a sick man and needs help. Your point is well taken.

  2. The guy is definately a loon.
    One of the funnier things I’ve seen lately was Sean Hannity interviewing Ventura and seeing in his eyes the real fear of being dismembered everytime he questioned one of his loopy theories.

  3. O’Donnell is completely electable.

    In fact there is absolutely no question in my mind she is the voice of millions of Americans.


  4. Ah Arthur, I’m starting to think when you run around these blogs telling people to have a good weekend, you’re not going to follow suit. Cheer up, guy.

    For two years now, we’ve given it the ol’ college try electing these superhuman, wonderful people to our highest offices…people who wandered around Europe when they were in college and therefore had their passports at a nice juvenile age. “Smartest guy in the room” types.

    We’re probably all done doing that for a generation or two. But don’t worry — before we gave up on it, we gave it a real thorough “college try.”

    There probably has never been a carbon-based life form on this planet, who has been given a fairer shake than Barack Obama. I’m going to start spreading a rumor that the word “Obama” is an ancient Kenyan phrase that roughly translates to “big mistake made with great confidence by many people.” I’ll bet it takes.

  5. I always have a good weekend Morgan. And I’m always cheerful.

    Got my health. Have money in the bank. I’m in the top .82% wealthiest people in the world and I own an Orbea Lublart 50 with Dura Ace gears, shifters and crank I’ll head out on in the morning. By wife is gorgeous. I have two cats and just hooked up my Roku box for streaming video. Life is great.


    But thanks for the consideration.

  6. That’s great, Arthur. Why, you’re sounding exactly like a Republican…at least the way your fellows on the left envision them. All you need to add to that picture of yourself is a wheelchair, and you could be Old Man Potter.

    Myself, I’ll just sit out here with the 99.18% and we’ll all just cling to our guns & Bibles, in our sod huts, banging rocks together.

    Enjoy, sir.

  7. My my, Morgan, that was a fine display of restraint.

  8. I guess it depends on how you define conservatism. As you know Daphne, I’m more of a philosophical conservative than a practicing one on many issues in my personal life. I tend to cut people a great deal of slack in doing whatever pleases them and I expect the same courtesy from others. My beef with progressivism has more to do with the methods used in acheiving their objectives and how on the whole, they show no respect for differing opinions and seem much more comfortable in forcing or fooling others to their views than in convincing them.

    As conservatives , generally speaking, seem more interested in an honest debate these days, I find myself in a sometimes uneasy alliance.

    How’s tricks in Austin?

  9. Conservatism is the easiest thing in the world to define; or, at least, one of the easiest things.

    An idea is based on the way someone wants the world to work, rather than on the way the world really does work. As a result of this, it fails again and again.

    Conservatism is the doctrine that says — no more. Put that idea into oblivion…or, if you like, into a test bed where it cannot impact anything outside of a designated periphery. Give us a call when you produce some conditions under which the idea works. Meanwhile, we’re going to treat it as the failure it is.

    Liberalism is, keep trying the idea. Make each and every effect, of each and every doomed attempt, reverberate out to the far corner of the known universe.

    If it doesn’t work, find a good excuse. And then try again.

    Conservatism is despair…when it is warranted. Liberalism is insanity.

  10. It’s as good a description as I’ve heard Morgan. It seems true conservatism has never really been given a fair shake. Perhaps that time is approaching.

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