Diplomatic Slam Dance

We all know the drill. UN “diplomats”, appointed due to their political connections rather than skill in negotiating with adversaries possessing diverse agendas gather in posh surroundings to bleat and pontificate, presuming to solve the worlds ills through the carefully worded statement and one sided treaty. Only to have their utopian views blow up in their faces when confronted with reality.

Not this guy.

Sha Zukang is the Al Czervik of the international diplomacy corps and I salute him. Diplomacy has often been likened to a carefully choreographed dance with all the steps planned far in advance of the performance. The world might be a safer place if this elite corps just loosened up a little and talked more like real people.


4 responses to “Diplomatic Slam Dance

  1. You can download the video, Mark, with RealPlayer, then upload it to your blog in order to bypass the embed prohibition…but you didn’t hear me say that, no sirree, bob!

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  3. Al who? Does he play for the Mavericks? That reference has Dennis Miller level obscurity to it.

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