Just call me Dick…

What is it with this guy? Remember back when so much was being said about what a brilliant politician he was? Politics for better or worse has always been a business of back room patronage or lack there of if you fail to get with the program, but the secret to greasing the palms of your friends and putting fear into the hearts of your enemies is that the payoff or penalties are decided on in…you know…back rooms. Deniability is key. The art of the smile and handshake to your face while the dagger is being plunged into your back. Obama is so ruthlessly partisan and publicly politically clumsy on every front it is becoming quite obvious why he never lingered for very long  in any position he has held . If he had, his more politically savvy opponents would have eliminated him from the scene long ago. The man combines the serial shiftiness of Richard Nixon with the political instints of Jimmy Carter. People are starting to see through the carefully crafted persona.

Maybe this is what he meant by transparency.


One response to “Just call me Dick…

  1. Yeah, I expect politicians to be scum and I expect the backroom deals and cronyism. But along with that I also expect them to have the courtesy and skill to keep it in the backroom for the most part. With this group, it’s distressing to think there is stuff that is still in the backroom, given what is out in the open.

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