One of these things is not like the other.

Like it or not Mr. President, the title of “Leader of the Free World” carries with it a certain responsibility to avoid looking foolish.

I’ll leave it for you readers to decide which image commands the most respect.

H/T to Gerard for the photos.


17 responses to “One of these things is not like the other.

  1. And then there’s this.

    I have a Trek that has the upright handlebars because it’s built to be a hybrid road/mountain. This puts it in the same league as #43’s, which happys me, but I’ve been thinking seriously of getting a true racing model with the drop bars. To me, if you’re not sweating like a sponge when you’re done, feeling like you’re about to die, it’s kind of a waste of time. At the very least, the cold beer at the end should taste better than usual.

    One similarity I would point out between #39 and #44 is that you can readily tell they don’t agree with me about this. A bike ride, in their world, comes after a shower and not before. Maybe that’s another European custom they’re trying to sell us, like dinner-before-salad, or something.

    I’ll pass.

  2. I’m not sure what that thing is that Obama is riding. Looks like one of those easily stow-able fold up jobs that old folks pilot around the RV parks.

    Why the man seems to wilfully channel Urkel at every oportunity is beyond me.

  3. Reminds me of a similar photo showing Bush “flying” a jet. If you didn’t notice, Obama seems to be actually “riding” the bike. I also seem to remember the only photo of Bush actually on a bike was quickly proceeded by a photo of him falling off the bike. Who should be wearing the helmet?

  4. Look ma, one hand ! I can lift it but I can’t ride it.

  5. I guess you’re referring to the infamous “mission accomplished” photo. He actually had just piloted the aircraft onto the carrier. You probably thought he looked ridiculous, but I just figured that’s what pilots wear when they fly. I am equally sure that had Obama ever appeared in a flight suit, you’d think him dashing. Unfortunately he would likely never find himself in such a situation as there is no room in a fighter cockpit for a set of golf clubs and a teleprompter.
    As for falling off his bike, like skiing, if you don’t fall every once in a while you’re not trying hard enough.

  6. Just realized something: I can’t remember a single picture of Obama where He looks bad giving a speech, sitting in a chair, walking leisurely, doing something non-perspiration-related…

    …nor can I remember a single picture where He looks good doing something that demands physical effort. The infamous “bowling a 37” shot comes to mind. It must be a terrible curse. You can get something meaningful done or you can look competent/comfortable, but never both.

  7. John Edwards???? enamored??? Style???
    Actually I choose intelligence over stupidity. Obama is quite nerdy, but as you know I have always been attracted to a little bit of nerdy. Are you inferring that Bush was a man of substance??? c’mon.
    The teleprompter remark struck a nerve. Don’t you remember that Bush had a little box on his back that showed through his jacket? He obviously was being told what to say by Carl Rove, (and it still came out wrong).

  8. Where is there evidence that this “intelligence” of the ruling class so personified by the current administration has accomplished anything positive over the past thirty years. Politics? Wall Street?, public education?, the steady coarsening of the culture? To be fair, both political parties are to blame and ultimately it is “We The People” who have allowed this class to run roughshod over us. Apparently because they were supposed to be “smarter” than us plebes in flyover country. To quote William F. Buckley, “I would rather be governed by the first 200 names in the Boston phone book than by the Harvard faculty.” Personally, I’ve had it with the so called “intelligent” class on both sides of the political divide. Stupid is as stupid does.

  9. Mark,

    I think I’d like your Mom, although maybe the feeling wouldn’t be mutual. I have an Aunt like her, sweet Georgia peach, die hard dem since FDR. This stuff you’re trying to tell her about “smartest person in the room” is something I learned in the trenches, in high-tech software design & implementation projects infested with crooks just like Edwards, who used buzz-words and had no idea what they meant. I started calling ’em “Guy Smileys.” I was most productive when I avoided them.

    I can’t blame someone who hasn’t been through the same experience, for failing to pick up the lesson. John Edwards certainly is smart at something, albeit nothing that actually helps anybody. You have to remain fixated on politics in order to see that people like Edwards are practically stupid…as in, even if they’re geniuses, this does not alter the outcome. People like your Mom just aren’t fixated.

    This is what I had in mind when I wrote about “Aunt Sally” over here. I think we all have some colorful characters like these in our families; not evil, not stupid, just slightly misguided, occasionally making bad decisions.

    • I read your “Aunt Sally” post earlier and it did certainly strike a personal note.
      For instance, my mother sent me this a few days ago.
      She obviously understands the problem but just as obviously, to me anyway, has misassigned the cause. Can’t blame her really I guess. Being born in 1931, liberals in the form of Democrats have always been portrayed as the good guys. The ones who care about their fellow man. That their programs and ideologies are now after decades being shown to not only be unworkable but actually harmful to the average Joe that they champion, it must not be an easy thing I imagine to change eighty years of perception.

  10. I want to see a photo of Gerard taking exercise.

    Doubt one exists though.

  11. Taking excercise? Who talks like this?
    Nice to hear from you Arthur. Took you long enough as we’re talking about bikes and all.

  12. Nice phrase isn’t it?

    I was cycling in Eastern Washington last week and just getting caught up. Nice riding in Natches Heights/Tieton/Yakima.

    But mind the goatheads.

  13. This one is from me beating the heat, early in the morning, two weeks ago.

    A few degrees latitude removed from Eastern Washington, but you can see the terrain looks similar.

  14. Nice country up there Arthur. I was on the crew that rebuilt the old Tieton school a few years back.
    From the looks of those pictures Morgan, it hadn’t gotten hot yet but would soon enough.

  15. Nice photos Morgan. I took the plunge for a nice road bike a couple of seasons ago and never regretted it. A pleasure to ride a really good bike now and again. Mine’s an Orbea 2005 Lobular 50 Polesat replica with Dura Ace components I found on eBay for a deal. Far more bike than I need but what fun. If I could figure out how to post a photo here I’d show you. The paint job is phenomenal.

    Mark it is nice country up there but Walla Walla works better. Coffee bars and excellent restaurants. Tieton is…sleepy. And Yakima is…yakima.

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